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Saturday, September 16, 2017

A Visit to the Museo Remigio Crespo Toral

I'm not much of a museum person, but some months ago the Museo (museum) Remigio Crespo Toral re-opened after a long renovation effort.  What's different about this musuem is that it was someone's home, a mansion, built over 100 years ago.  My interest was primarily architectural.

It was the home of Remigio Crespo Toral, a renowned poet, educator, and lawyer.  He lived between 1860 and 1939.  Now, it serves as the citys historical archives as well as preserving and storing thousands of artifacts from Ecuadors past.  The 'home' part of it has been restored to much of its original elegance.

Shall we go in?  Ok...it's FREE!!

Thoughout the museum are replicas of clothing of the period.  
Next to many of the replicas are original photos transposed onto a see-through screen.

I LOVE the ornate ceilings made of tin 'tiles' and the gorgeous crown moldings.  You can see how tall these rooms are by comparing the ceiling to the person standing in the photo.

In the back of the building was a rundown, trashed out parcel of land.  They turned it into a beautiful garden with brick walkway leading to a cafe and a glass-enclosed exterior elevator.  On the upper floors are multi-leveled terraces.  The river Tomebamba flows past the property just on the other side of the cars you see.

The street entrance leading to the grand staircase that accesses all 5 levels of the mansion.

Stunning chandelier.  I've seen drag queens wear earrings like this!!  LOL

In some places, the original wallpaper was in poor condition.  But, instead of attempting to fix it, or reproduce it, they left it intact and sealed it so it would be preserved, yet still be appreciated for its elegance.

Not exactly the kind of camera you can toss in your pocket and take selfies with!!   These monsters had to be wheeled around.  You can see the steel castor wheels.

Taking a photo back then required a lot of effort by the photographer and patience on the part of anyone to be in the photo due to all the adjustments that had to be made to the camera to get it right.

Incan artifacts.

Look closely.
Above the outdoor cafe, and hanging from the trees, are over-sized lightbulb-shaped glass with real lightbulbs inside.

The back side of he mansion/museum facing the Tomebamba river.

The street side facing Calle Larga.

If you live here, or plan to visit, check out the museum for a fascinating look into the past.  It's located on Calle Larga, directly across the street from the restaurant GOZA (with outdoor dining).


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  1. Love your blog Dan. Miss you much. The hubby and I hope to visit again soon!


  2. My wife and I want to move to Ecuador when we retire in a couple of years. We are down to 2 final destinations - Cuenca or Salinas.

    1. Hi Dave (and wife). You might want to read a blog I wrote a few years back about my stay in Salinas. Salinas and Cuenca are night and day. There's sooooo much more to do/choose from in Cuenca but you can still get your beach fix as Salinas is only 4-5 hours away for a week-long break, etc. Here's the link to my original story and there's another entry that follows it: http://danoinec.blogspot.com/2011/08/salinasgood-bad-ugly-firstbad-ugly.html



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