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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cuenca at Night

I love when unique architecture is highlighted by lights at night, it can really create a magical environment.  Here's some photos I've taken over the years to show what parts of Cuenca look like at night.


These first two are of government buildings surrounding the central park, Parque Calderon.

The 'Old Cathedral'

Pedestrian bridge over the river Tomebamba.

Looming behind my apartment.

The 'New Cathedral' with full moon.

Church of Santo Domingo

Monasterio Las Conceptas

Recently renovated Todos Santos
(I wrote a blog about this and climbing to the top of the front spire to stand along side a statue of Jesus)
A Catholic University
Next door to where I live.

Church on the hillside overlooking Banos, Cuenca.

With all the unique architecture in Cuenca, you would THINK they would jump at the chance to highlight the most novel of the newest piece of archictecture introduced in recent years.

Illuminate the orange ball (of the Planetarium) and have 'moving' lights around the ring...but the rest left dark.

But.....noooooooooo.   😒😒😒😒


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Saturday, September 16, 2017

A Visit to the Museo Remigio Crespo Toral

I'm not much of a museum person, but some months ago the Museo (museum) Remigio Crespo Toral re-opened after a long renovation effort.  What's different about this musuem is that it was someone's home, a mansion, built over 100 years ago.  My interest was primarily architectural.

It was the home of Remigio Crespo Toral, a renowned poet, educator, and lawyer.  He lived between 1860 and 1939.  Now, it serves as the citys historical archives as well as preserving and storing thousands of artifacts from Ecuadors past.  The 'home' part of it has been restored to much of its original elegance.

Shall we go in?  Ok...it's FREE!!

Thoughout the museum are replicas of clothing of the period.  
Next to many of the replicas are original photos transposed onto a see-through screen.

I LOVE the ornate ceilings made of tin 'tiles' and the gorgeous crown moldings.  You can see how tall these rooms are by comparing the ceiling to the person standing in the photo.

In the back of the building was a rundown, trashed out parcel of land.  They turned it into a beautiful garden with brick walkway leading to a cafe and a glass-enclosed exterior elevator.  On the upper floors are multi-leveled terraces.  The river Tomebamba flows past the property just on the other side of the cars you see.

The street entrance leading to the grand staircase that accesses all 5 levels of the mansion.

Stunning chandelier.  I've seen drag queens wear earrings like this!!  LOL

In some places, the original wallpaper was in poor condition.  But, instead of attempting to fix it, or reproduce it, they left it intact and sealed it so it would be preserved, yet still be appreciated for its elegance.

Not exactly the kind of camera you can toss in your pocket and take selfies with!!   These monsters had to be wheeled around.  You can see the steel castor wheels.

Taking a photo back then required a lot of effort by the photographer and patience on the part of anyone to be in the photo due to all the adjustments that had to be made to the camera to get it right.

Incan artifacts.

Look closely.
Above the outdoor cafe, and hanging from the trees, are over-sized lightbulb-shaped glass with real lightbulbs inside.

The back side of he mansion/museum facing the Tomebamba river.

The street side facing Calle Larga.

If you live here, or plan to visit, check out the museum for a fascinating look into the past.  It's located on Calle Larga, directly across the street from the restaurant GOZA (with outdoor dining).


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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Mixed Bag of Photos....27 of Them!!!

I've taken over 8,000 photos (including videos) since I moved to Cuenca....Ecuador....South America back in 2011.  Thank GOD I didn't have to buy rolls of film and pay for processing!!!

They're in electronic format, categorized, sorted, and stored on my computer in nearly 300 folders.

I've published 230 blog entries thus far.  I have soooooo many photos I haven't published yet because I've been waiting for the right subject matter to write about and include them within.

I need to do some housecleaning, so enjoy the following photos that have no rhyme or reason to one another.

Never noticed before these giant metal flies on the side of a municipal building in Cuencas' El Centro.
On one of my recent trips, I noticed this 747.  GADS....it's so lonnnnnnnnnng!!!!  Amazes me it can get off the ground.  I know aerodynamics for a factual standpoint, but I still don't get how that thing can get off the ground AND not break in two!  Look at the person standing in the rear door at the top of the stairs.

Flying over downtown Miami.

The highway linking all the islands of the Keys.

It looks like a bunch of islands, but those are shadows cast on the ocean by the clouds.  There is one island you can see in the lower left.

The islands making up the Keys stretching away from the tip of Florida.

Flying into Cuenca

The Feria Libre is on the left border above center.  The white building you see in the upper left corner is the garage and maintenance facility for the new light rail.  The river Yanuncay is the green strip just above it.  The river Tomebamba is just underneath us.

Making a left 180 turn to line up with the runway.  

There's Cuencas' runway in the upper right corner.

Flying over El Centro.  See the three blue domes of the Cathedral (center)?

Cuencas church of San Francisco on a beautiful sunny day.

Inside the Cathedral of Guayaquil.

I always try to advise visitors to explore beyond what they see on the street.  With colonial architecture, a lot of gems are hidden behind the front facade.  Many homes, hotels, and businesses were designed with rooms surrounding the central focus...the interior courtyard.  I tell visitors if they see an open door, go through it and towards the back and you'll likely find a surprise waiting for you.
In this example, I admired the exterior of the building but stopped and decided to go through that open door.

This is what I found!!!

Driving over the Cajas, one of my favorite viewpoints is at KM 55.  If you didn't step out of your car and walk over to the edge, you would never know this existed.  There are houses down there, but have no clue how to get to them.

Zooming back out to see the same shot to get a feel of the scale of the topography.
Some church.  I have no clue where.

I don't know this one either, but a stark contrast.....modern vs the old.

Ok, so this one I know!!!  Church of Corazon de Jesus located on the far end of Gran Columbia in Cuenca.  It received a nice facelift a few years ago.

Interior of same.

MOM.....do NOT read this!!!

A transit cop.   He was directing traffic through a tangled area under construction (for light rail) which meant I couldn't turn left to go up the road to my house.  I already was stressed out from a shitty day and he hit the wrong button in me.  I flipped him off and went around the block to queue up with other cars so I could go the direction I wanted to.  He spotted me in queue, left his post, and marched down to my car and gave me hell.  SUPPOSEDLY it's illegal to show disrespect to officers of the law.  Long story, but I called police who came and said this wasn't their role (Crime Police and Transit Police are completely separate here in Cuenca....DUMB!)  Then transit police arrived and said they couldn't tear up the ticket (because of the serial number on the ticket....BS!!) when I said they should simply inform me with a warning...how the heck would I know (or any other newcomer for that matter) it's ILLEGAL (albeit rude)???
$300 fine later......

Zumba (like aerobics) dancers exercising in a park.  These are held all over the city, but who knows how to find out where and when?

I took this photo just to make my sister oogle and ahhh.

Ditto on this table runner.

That's it for this latest edition.  Hope you enjoyed!!


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