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Friday, May 12, 2017

Travel With Me to the Galapagos!!! - Day 5 of 5

Today, we gathered at the tour shop at 8:30am to get fitted with wetsuits, masks, and flippers.  By 9am twelve of us were at the dock boarding our boat to head out to Kicker Rock.

After 30 minutes cruising along the flat coastline of San Cristobal Island, there it was.  Kicker Rock (aka Leon Dormido (sleeping lion)) is the remains of a volcanic cone that has been eroded by the sea. Above the water, the monolithic rock formation towers nearly 500 feet above the Pacific Ocean.

....and we're off!!

Kicker Rock from a distance.  The right side broken away from the left side and you can see the larger chunk is also broken into two pieces.

We snorkeled THROUGH those cracks!!!!

CLICK HERE to see the amazing Kicker Rock snorkeling area!!!

Just up from the rocky beach, on the smooth rock, you can see a sea lion laying horizontal in the photo.
He slid on his belly down the smooth side of the rock, to the bottom where you see him now.

CLICK HERE to see some more awesome footage of the Kicker Rock Area!!!

Three people went scuba diving while the other 9 snorkeled.

Yep, we're gonna swim inbtween those two crags....amongst sharks, seals, tortoieses, and whatnot.

The gaggle of us snorkeling for our lives.

CLICK HERE for yet another stunning short video of Kicker Rock

After snorkeling for what seemed like an hour (probably a half hour) we boarded the boat, rested a bit, had snacks, then went out for another jaunt in search of a hammerhead shark.  Found one!

After that, we re-boarded again and motored over to nearby Manglerito beach to bask in the sun and do some leisurely swimming in the sandy-bottom cove.  Whitey me stayed on board so as not to fry and took a nap.  After lunch we returned to town, exhausted.

$100 may seem like a lot, but it was a 5-hour tour.  That's $20 an hour for, sun, white sandy beaches, swiming with the sharks, rays, seals, (I found Nemo!), plus snacks and lunch, and the gear (snorkel, wetsuit, flippers).  Well worth it!!

Mark Nugent

When I booked this trip to the Galapagos, I picked dates out of thin air just to find the discounted airfare.  After I got here, I had this weird feeling of familiarity and it dawned on me (then verified it), two years ago, this exact same week, one of my guests was here and, sadly, his life came to an end.  He and his BFF Cathy came to visit Ecuador and stayed in one of my short term rental apartments.  On a whim, they dashed off to the Galapagos.  While snorkeling, Mark didn't feel well, so he climbed back aboard the boat.  Mark was a Doctor.  He told the crew it was 'serious' so they dropped everything and whisked him to town and soon after he was evacuated and flown to a hospital in Guayaquil 600 miles away.  Cathy and the others didn't know what was going on, why the boat left, nor how bad it was.  By the time she got to shore, she was informed there was very little chance for Mark as it appeared he had suffered an aneurysm.  She contacted me in Cuenca.  I went to their apartment and packed everything up and drove to her hotel in Guayaquil to bring her their belongings.  The next day, Mark was scheduled to be flown back to the USA via a medical emergency flight, but just as the ambulance arrived to transport him to the airport, he passed away.

While I was snorkeling, though a bit nevous, I was thinking of you Mark.

Great bug HUGS to you Cathy.

Hasta Manana!!


1 comment:

  1. Hi Dano,

    Mark & Yuie here... back in the desert, missing EC and y'all. You know we missed the Galapagos on our trip, but am grateful you (as usual) documented your adventure so nicely.

    We want to come back, so lease save one great adventure, and maybe we can do it together.

    As for your mention of this fellow Mark (namesake?) we have both had near life ending adventures during travel, and facilitated others who experienced that loss, so I know that buzz. Having a caring soul available during this times is a God send, so I suspect you earned another 'Karma Deposit' in the Bank of Life. I have mused, and planned for 'what if' it befell us during our adventures, and I guess I was thinking "If I gotta go, might as well be at some place as cool as the Galapagos..."

    Peace out buddy, hope to meet up again.

    p.s. Swiffers stash still good?

    M & Y


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