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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Travel With Me to the Galapagos!!! - Day 4 of 5

It's so tranquil here.  Very few dogs which means very little barking.  A few kitty kats that I gave tummy massages to and were quietly appreciated.  No horn honking aside from the few IPP sounds (the shortest sound a horn can make), and absolutely no, none, nunca, nada, zero, zilch freaking car alarms.   00000000000000000000

I had breakfast around 8am, then came back to my room to do some blogging....as best I could given the internet yo-yo'ing and slowwwwwww speed (oxymoron).  Then I ventured back out around 10am as it seemed, so far, not much was happening before that time.  I thought I might catch one of the off-shore tours.  Wasn't gonna happen.  Apparently they all leave first thing in the morning, like between 7:30 and 9am depending on the extent of the tour.

What I LEARNED (and maybe this will help others planning to come here) is the park slash government CONTROLS how much happens and where.  There's only so many boats allowed to go 'there', with so many passengers, and only on such-n-such days to, theoretically, control the impact to the area.  If you want to go to Island 'A' it may only be on Mondays and Thursdays.  It's not at ALL like 'sure, we go there at 9am, noon, and 3pm...which one do you want?'.  So, I missed out for the entire day and one of the islands I wanted to go to would not be available schedule-wise until after I returned home.

Sooooo...PLAN AHEAD!!!!

That meant I needed to plan for manana (tomorrow).  I stopped in at a tour shop and was quoted $120 for a tour to Kicker Rock and Manglerito beach.  Or, $130 (normally $150) to do a 360 tour of the entire island, stopping at 5 places.  I wasn't interested in the 360 because a beach becomes a beach after you've seen a couple of beaches and I didn't want to pay $130.   My gut told me to go price someone else, which is what I did.  I was quoted $100 for Kicker Rock and Manglerito...$20 bucks less.   Fine...I booked it (Dano).

Now I had the rest of the day ahead of me and it was barely noon.  Back to my room where I blogged some more, downloaded and uploaded photos, uploaded videos to YouTube, etc etc via the slowwwww internet and regular disconnects.   This blog takes TIME folks!!!!

Nappy time.

4:30 I got my arse in gear, showered, and headed out for a beachside hotel/restaurant known for its views and 2 for 1 cocktails until 6pm.  Perfect timing to enjoy a couple of cocktails and watch the sun set which happens about 6:15pm...about 1/2 hour earlier than in Cuenca.  I love the 2 fer 1 cocktail happy hour.  Such a joke.  Two cocktails (minimal al kee hall) for the price of one....then you get the bill....$12.50.  You mean to tell me ONE cocktail would've cost me $12.50??  GET OUTA HERE!!

After the sun sank, I went looking for dinner.  I decided upon a burger place that looked fun.  Their menu had a lot of choices from burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, to rolled tacos but I could barely read any of the descriptions without a magnifying glass!!!  I think it was 4 font.  I chose the taco.  The picture showed 3 but the server said it was only 1.  Okaaaaaay.  I was very pleasantly surprised when it was delivered.  It was NOT what I had envisioned at all.  It was a large funnel-shaped 'taco' (more like a burrito) with chicken, pinto beans, and yummy sauce, buried under an avalanche of crushed corn chips with a side of fries served in a munchkin-sized replica of a deepfry basket.   $8.50.   Don't believe what you see in the photos!

Back to my room to write what I'm writing right now.

That was my day....on the Island of San Cristobal.....Galapagos....Ecuador....South America.


Hasta Manana!!


This building houses a historical information center about the Navy which has protected and provides support (ie; rescues) to the Galapagos for many, many decades.

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