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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Travel With Me to the Galapagos!!! - Day 2 of 5

It's post-high-season now (May).  The air temps are more tolerable, such as high 70's, and humidity isn't as daunting.  Sea breezes keep things tolerable.

I had a nice breakfast at my hotel (included) consisting of scrambled eggs, OJ, coffee, papaya, and four pieces of toast with butter and jam.

Afterwards, I walked across town admiring the entire look...bricked winding streets, nice sidewalks, plenty of covered benches to plop down on, clean, and quiet (no wailing car alarms or horn-honking).  Along the malecon (waterfront walk) the shops are very tidy along with the boutique hotels.  Not a lot of bare cinderblock construction with incomplete re-bar jutting out...though a few blocks inward there's plenty of that.

If you're in San Cristobal for more than 10 minutes and you haven't seen a seal, you must be blind.  They're everywhere....basking in the sun on the rip-rap lining the shore, or spread out on park benches, or playing in the surf.  Sounds of squawking, barking, sneezing, belching, and barfing are rather constant.  I say 'barfing' because that's what it sounds like, not what they're doing.

BLEHHHHH!!!!  BWWAAAHHFFFF!!!  Some of the belch sounds are darn near like what my Dad and I used to do.  Lovely, eh?

I walked to one end of town, snapping photos, then turned back the other direction to walk to the Darwins Interpretation Center.  I wasn't interested in that, but it was the marker point for trails that headed to a beach I wanted to see.

It was a rather long walk in the hot sun.  A group ahead of me took a turn onto a rough trail, so I followed them figuring they were headed for the same place.  Rough lava rock made it a bit tricky to walk on.  Come to find out, it was a shortcut trail to a way better trail the park had built.  I finally reached the beach but it wasn't the one I was thinking of.  No matter, it was nice and i enjoyed a nice cool refreshing dip

After spending a bit of time there, I headed back to the hotel via an alternative trail that was more direct than the original path I took.

Nap time.  It was 12:30!!  Sheesh!!   I couldn't believe it was still that early!

After the nap, I walked into town again.  On one of the wharfs there were a bunch of benches to sit and watch the comings and goings of the water taxi's and shuttle skiffs taking people back and forth to/from their cruise boats.   I saw an empty bench and headed for it.  I laid my knapsack down and turned around to sit but a seal had already stolen my bench!!!  He barked at me.  I snapped a few photos.  When I reached for my knapsack, he got miffed and snapped at my leg.  That is MY BENCH!!!

I needed dinner so I picked a restaurant I read about on TripAdvisor.  I sat upstairs in the open-air area so I could watch the sunset.  Food is EXPENSIVE here, especially compared to what I get in Cuenca.  Count on any menu item being at least $15 and up from there.

After watching the sunset, I sauntered back to my hotel and did some internet stuff, including this blog.  Internet here is....well....it is and isn't....every 2 minutes.   Up...down...up.....down....slowwww....normal....down....up.....slow.

My hotel 'Royal Bambu'

The rooftop terraces with great views

View from the hotel rooftop terrace.

A new park under construction behind my hotel.

Interesting bugle shapes on this cactus.

Lots of covered benches to rest and get out of the hot sun.

Scooters are the main type of transportation aside from the pickup truck taxis.

Haven't seen a TREE cactus before!

Municipal display of layout of the Galapagos Islands which are mostly (if not all) the tops of volcanoes.

A childrens slide down the back side of a seal.

The shortcut trail.

The NICE trail!

Click on the next link to watch a seal playing in the surf!


Hasta Manana!!


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  1. So pretty! I'm glad you were able to travel there!



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