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Friday, November 18, 2016

Trip to Spain - 5 days in Mallorca (Days 1-2)

Day 1 in Palma, Mallorca!!!

We docked about 9am but the excursion folk were let off first.  We disembarked about 10:30am and our luggage was waiting for us on the cruise terminal baggage claim belts.   The weather was cool and cloudy.  Taxi's were waiting and $9 later I was in front of my Airbnb apartment where I would spend the next 5 days.  It was a PERFECT location right in the heart of everything.

The agency who manages the apt needed me to call them to arrange handing over the key, but my phone didn't have international dialing.  I went into a Burger King on the same plaza my apt was located and asked the clerk if there were pay phones around.   He didn't know of any.   But, he lent me his personal cell phone with my assurance the call would be short.  How nice of him!  

The apt manager gave me instructions how to find a lockbox with a key code where I could retrieve the keys and access the apartment on my own.  I was IN!!

Tired, I decided to unpack and do some laundry.  This apartment was designed very efficiently and 'cool'.  All in light colors to make it look bigger, it also utilized cabinetry that hid everything behind doors that required only a push to open (no handles).   I went around pushing all the doors and drawers and getting a kick out of their designs.  But, where the heck was the washer?  I noticed wallpaper that looked like bookshelves with all-white books on it.  Ahhh....it was also used to cover the utility door to the electrical box.  Cool.   But, where was the washer????   It took a long time before I realized it, too, was behind the fake wall-papered wall and the cut in the wallpaper for the door was perfectly aligned with an edge of a fake shelf so it took a keen eye to see it.  One push and voila....the washer and storage area!!!

The main living area included the kitchen and dining table and air conditioner slash heater.

All the kitchen cupboard doors and drawers were made of glass and required only a touch to open.

The bed was designed to look as if it was floating in air.  There was only 1 post under the bed in the center.  The sky/cloud scene is not a mural, it's a pull-down blind.  The bedroom also had its own air conditiioner slash heater.

An armoire?

Yes and No.  Part of it hid the refrigerator and freezer (below the fridge), the other part was storage.

Love this sink.  Instead of a standard drain hole, the drain is the slit at the end of the slope.  Same design in the shower, too.

A suspended toilet (no pedestal to clean) and push buttons in the wall to activate the flush.

Where's the washer?


I found a small grocery store just a block away down a narrow alleyway so typical of places like Naples, Rome, Barcelona, and here.  Booze is sooooo much cheaper here than Ecuador!!!!

I went for a short walk to see what I could see.  Mallorca also has a Las Ramblas street like Barcelona, but this one isn't quite as active.  I found a nice cafe with the typical sidewalk outdoor seating and enjoyed a cappuccino and watched the world walk by me.

The next day it rained allllll day.  I didn't bring an umbrella but I thought I'd do fine with my fuzzy Microsoft jacket, cap, and scarf.   Well, it only took an hour or so before all of that was wet.  So, I stopped into a little store and bought an umbrella for $3.50.

Since the weather was crappy, I decided to download photos, do some blogging, and get a backlog of emails answered.  Besides, I didn't want to take photos of wet things!!!

Hmmmm....interesting twist on the Roman scroll.

Mallorca (the island) is about 180 miles from Barcelona and has a total population near 875,000, with Palma (the main city) counting 400,000 of that (about the size of Cuenca).  The island measures (I brought my measuring tape) about 60 miles long by 40 miles wide.
The Royal Palace, adjacent to the Cathedral.

The Palma Cathedral
Construction began in the early 1300's and mostly completed by the 1600's.
The stained glass window has nearly 1,200 pieces of glass and is about 40 feet wide!

The cafes of Rome, Marseilles, Barcelona, and Mallorca ooze with charm and ambiance.  This one had both indoor and outdoor seating (like 99% of all cafes here) but also provided heat lamps to take the edge off in colder weather.  People love to sit outside here.

Plaza Major (My-Yor) where my aparatment was located.  The city was busy stringing lights across the plaza and setting up temporary vendor stalls for the upcoming holidays.  All the streets had Christmas decorations hung but none of them were lit up yet....and never were by the time I left.   I think the big 'turn on' event happens next week.

...to be continued


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  1. The Mallorca is a beautiful island. In this blog I missed some beautiful pics of beaches. For stay you maintain a beautiful place. Very nice blog.


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