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Sunday, January 10, 2016





(sounds better!)

Nope, not what I got from my lottery ticket.

Naw....not what I weigh now (though close!)

The number of kids the Duggar family has cranked out?  Close, but no spaghetti.

It's the.....

(drum roll)

Number of times someone has visited my blog and, 
read it since I started!!!


1.  I'd like to thank my Mom & Dad for shaping me into the person I am...(sans bubble-butt)
2.  To all my 'fans' (using that term with all humility) and faithful readers (or those that at least faithfully click)...thank you.
3.  To the many, many, MANY people who've written compliments and thankyou's to me (suspicious they're all from my sister)....it keeps me going.
4.  To the a-holes (very, very, VERY few of them....probably the same guy who escaped the law in the USA and lives here now) who give me shit for being honest and forthright.  Bite me.  ESAD.
5.  To those who spot me in a restaurant or on the street and say 'Hey, are you Dano?'  or 'Hey, is that THE Gracie?', or 'Wow, you're Brad Pitt aren't you?'.   I'm all a twitter.
6.  To all the bullys at Stevens Jr High and Port Angeles High School....eat my dust!!
6.  Lastly, to those.....uhhhh.......but....but....WAIT!!!!

(enter orchestra playing me off)



  1. Wow! Congrats from me and all of my alter egos who have so steadfastly filled the Comments boxes with compliments over the past 4+ years! 'We' have been glad to help!

  2. Congratulations Dano
    Chuck, and I enjoy all your blogs. I hope you have a great year, and we will see you soon.

  3. Congratulations Dano
    Chuck, and I enjoy all your blogs. I hope you have a great year, and we will see you soon.

  4. Consistently funny and USEFUL. Your advice about bringing pets is the reason Mabel is here, and we found this really nice house....

  5. Congrats Dano! I so enjoy your sense of humor and reading new and previous blogs...so cool.

  6. Awesome milestone and well deserved.

  7. Interesting reads after all. Factual and authentic. Welcome back.


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