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Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Day Before The Day Before Christmas

I've heard over and over and over that there's always something going on in Cuenca....Ecuador....South America.   It's true.   And, I don't know the half of it!  It's frustrating, being a 'farn-ner', to know what, when, and where things are happening.   There doesn't seem to be one central source to go to.  Then, add the language challenge.  Many times, the newspapers report on events AFTER the fact.  GRRRRREAT...I would've like to known 'that' was happening BEFORE it happened.    So, many times, we find ourselves experiencing 'on the fly' here...meaning...you just happen upon them if you're in the right spot at the right time.

Such was the case the day before the day before Christmas.  I met up with an Ecuadorian friend of mine in the park in front of the cathedral.   Traffic had been horrid getting to the parking lot where I have a pass card (for my short-term apt rentals).  Then, when walking to the park, I had to go around the block because of some event happening at the flower market which blocked anyone from being able to traverse through it.

So, I suggested we go check it out.

Two branches of the military were represented.   Plus, a military band.  I mean to tell you, when the military come out they are polished, crisp, and verrrry impressive.  Several men were on horses, holding flags, while others were in STRAIGHT lines on foot.  So...wassup?

Apparently, in a very rough, and il-informed way, this was a formal event (celebration?) to honor the baby JC....errr....sorry for the acronym....Jesus Christ.  While I didn't understand a word the announcer was saying, my friend told me this was about honoring the baby Jesus.  A helicopter flew overhead, slowing down as it arrived right above us, and unleashed a torrent of rose petals for the BJC.  Then, a military group proceeded up front to present a small military General's hat/cap.  It was sitting atop a pillow much like you would envision the Queen's crown being delivered.

More speech.   More pomp.

The band played, and everyone sang along, the military saluted.  I didn't recognize the music.  Shame on me!!!  It was the national anthem!!!!  I've heard a few other songs played over and over and over and over in other events and presumed it must be the NA, but it wasn't the same song. So, who knows what I've been hearing blaring a gazillion times the past 5 years!!!!

It was all very impressive.  But, I had to wonder.  What do all these military people DO?  I mean, we're not at war with anyone (like the USA) and we don't have constant threats against us (like the USA), no one seems out to get us (like those out to get the USA) soooooo?  I asked my EC friend.   He explained to me it wasn't all that far in the past that EC had conflicts with Peru...maybe 15 years ago.  They must always be prepared.

So, with that, here's some lousy photos and lousy videos (with lousy sound) of that event I stumbled upon.


Remember (Donna), click on the arrow to play the video, then click in the lower right-hand corner to expand the video to full-screen.  Be sure your volume is up.


  1. Dano, is that really you??? We've had quite a few posts from you all of a sudden, omg!

    Glad of it, that's fer sure -- happy holidays to you!

    From Chuck and Rosie
    Jacksonville Florida

    From Chuck and Rosie
    Jacksonville Florida

  4. Three posts .... what a treat! The lack of information about upcoming events is a common complaint in Spain as well. Maybe a cultural thing. Linda

  5. Dano U R so hot!& 60 ain't old baby! they say you're only as old as U feel! :]


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