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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cuenca Independence Celebrations - 2015

Hola everyone!!!

Long time no write!!   Yeah, an extennnnnnnnnnnnded sabatical.

The end of October, through the first week of November, is probably the largest celebration week in Cuenca.   November 3rd marks Cuenca's independence from Spain.   For a week, the city celebrates with concerts large and small, in theaters, stadiums, street corners, and stages erected in the middle of wherever.  Artesans from neighboring countries come to display and sell their beautiful crafts. There's parades, fireworks, and dancing.  Antique cars come out of hiding.  Metal workers show their craft of forging windmills, chandeliers, and candelabras.   You get the idea.

My regular camera broke.  All I had left was my cell phone camera (ick) and my tablet which takes decent videos, but lackluster photos.   So, instead of taking a zillion photos like I have in past years, I set out to record whatever musical events I happened to run into with the intent of posting them here.

Welllllll....remember (or heard of) the silent movie era back in the early 1900's? Ummm...cough...cough....you get to experience it in 2015!!   I must've bumped the button that turns the microphone OFF!!!  Therefore, all the lovely music I hoped you would enjoy listening to, as well as watching, is now simply a exercise in voyeurism


Take a look, but don't stop there.  At the end of this blog, I've inserted a link to a friends blog where she captured the real look and feel of the festivities and life in Cuenca.   Stunning photos.  Gunter and Sissi are on QUITE an adventure, driving from Alaska in their pickup truck donned with camper, all the way down into South America!!  Don't miss it!!


Caught the tail end of a vintage car group zig-zagging down the street.  Just missed taking a snap of an old Lincoln Continental that passed by.  Even on a normal day here in Cuenca, you may encounter a Ford Maverick, a Pinto, TONS of Datsun pickups, or 1969 Plymouth Road Runner!!!

'Cholas'.  They wandered about town from one event to another throughout the week.

Good ol' fashioned shoe shine.

BEAUTIFUL guitars are hand-crafted in a town not far from Cuenca.

 This 'Colibri' (Hummingbird) was about 5ft long and, as you can see, staked high above everyones head.  I didn't realize until after this shot, another bird had flown into the frame!!   Photo-bombed!!

I LOVE this kind of art, where innovative-minded people take scrap metal and leftover what-not and create a new life out of it.

Bicycle chain, sprockets, nuts, and bolts make this seahorse.

A real person posing as a miner with a live gas torch.

Paintings and metal art on display at the 'Puente Roto' (broken bridge).


To watch these, click the arrow in the middle of the screen.   To make the video larger, click in the lower right-hand corner where you see a 'box' with the 4 corners marked.

The Red Coats Band

 Dancing, Singing, Drunk  Monkey Marionette

 Tour the Cathedral


Jazz Band

....and the Icing on the Cake!!
Gunter und Sissi experience Cuenca when their pickup truck/camper breaks down on their trip from Alaska to South America!!!!

Til next time (whenever THAT is!)


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