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Sunday, February 8, 2015

New Year Effigies

Hello All....

This year I didn't do much for Christmas.  BUT, I would never, ever, EVER pass up on the opportunity to enjoy the burning of effigies on New Years Eve!!!   The idea behind it is to burn away the bad omens of the past and clear the way for good things to happen in the new year.

I ALWAYS have plenty to contribute to the burning away of !#%)#@ and sh__t and memories of past moronic guests, and YEARS of built-up...ummmm...passionate thoughts....about certain corporations (ie; Banks) in (or of) America.

So, let's burn baby, BURRRRRN!!!!!

Every year, there's a competition for the best effigy montage, typically representing people and/or events of the past year.   Certain areas of the city are blocked off for the setup of the displays, sometimes taking up an entire intersection.   Late New Years Eve, many of the sites were still putting things together.  They are quite large and entricate, so it's hard to believe they would be destroyed by fire.   To be honest, I don't know what their demise was, because I didn't come back the next day to see if there was a pile of ashes or not.

Too bad they can't do this in the USA as there would be sooooooo much fodder for people to release their pent-up frustrations.   It would NEVER be allowed due to fear of fire burning something down, lawsuits, injuries (more lawsuits), and probably lawsuits because someone got offended by the message.  And, lawsuits because someone filed a lawsuit.  Get the drift?

So, enjoy the photos.  Don't sue me.  Don't be offended.   Please sign on the dotted line below saying you will not hold me responsible and not sue me......even though when you do sign and agree to it, it doesn't mean diddly squat in court and you could be rewarded millions....MILLIONS....for the emotional damage and the inability to perform spousal duties (ahem...cough, cough) as a result of reading this blog.

sign here

This depicts our current Mayor (in the middle) and, supposedly, his cohorts, and the light rail tram currently under construction (lower right)

A panoramic shot taken by my new tablet.  Not sure what it's all about, but it involves various soccer teams, graves, and an airplane.

That's supposed to be Obama on the left and Castro on the right...with ball and chains and a pair of scissors (theoretically cutting said B&C).

CNN News reporting on the Obama/Castro scene.

People take pride in purchasing these paper-mache effigies, securing them to their cars and parading about town.

Large effigy of Bob Marley with his music playing to passersby.

Amazing the intricate work that goes into designing, constructing, and painting these figures...only to become a pile of ashes.

Not sure who this is...but look at the size compared to things/people around it.

The airplane in the upper right corner 'flew' via a suspended cable.

A figure occupying a table at a local popular outdoor cafe.

.....and now my PERSONAL contribution.....
My contribution.  You can buy these all over town.  They're life-sized, headless figures of regular clothing stuffed with newspaper, cardboard, etc and sell for $5 - $10.  On the front of mine, I wrote "Ladrones", which means "Robbers"...those who ransacked and robbed my house a month earlier.


A few choice special-mentions (relating to a few of my short-term rental guests) from the past year...noteworthy of burning their memories.

Nuf said.
Notice the position is on the REAR of the effigy.

Buh-Bye 2014.


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