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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shindig on the 5th of July

OMG....he's alive!   And, writing a blog!!   We thought he decided to stop writing!!!   Were you in rehab?  Ecuadorian prison?  Fell in love and couldn't think of anything else?

Yes, I'm still alive. 

No, I haven't decided to stop blogging. 

Yes, I should be in rehab.

Prison?  No, not yet.

Love?  BWWWAAAAHHAAAHHHAAAAA!!!!!    Ohhhhh....that hurt, but felt good to laugh!!!!

I've just been freakingly busy for the past several months.   I took on two more short-term rentals that kinda fell in my lap (more on that in a future blog) and I had to get them outfitted with everything from spoons to TP to furniture to towels to toaster to soap...you name it...times two.   And, painted.  Then, I went on a whirlwind trip to the US of A to see family and attend the wedding of one of my best friends.....B&C.

Once back, I learned of a THIRD apt in the same building that was vacated (for stupid reasons...more on that later, too) and the building owner wanted me to take that one as well.   But, it needs a LOT more work to bring it up to speed cosmetic-wise.  All new paint, floors leveled, tiles on the balcony, new flooring put down in the living area, hardwoods sanded and restained in the foyer, appliances and everything that was on my must-purchase list (nearly 200 items) to get it outfitted.  That's what I'm in the middle of right now.

So...BITE ME for not writing earlier.    Ahem...cough....cough.

Onward and upward.

Last weekend, I attended yet another fundraiser shepherded by expats who formed an organization called "Hearts of Gold Foundation".   See http://heartsofgoldfoundation.org/

Their vision statement says "Empowering communities in Ecuador to break the cycle of poverty and improve the health, education and welfare of children, youths and the elderly."

This particular event had a bit of 'good ol Ah-marh-e-can 4th of July hoedown slash BBQ' theme to it.   Unbeknownst to many, there's a phenomenal property slash resort just a smidgin outside central Cuenca, in the area near Banos, Cuenca.  It's hidden, tucked away, and shy to boast of itself.   Off the main road, a dirt road winds down into a small valley where, lo-n-behold lies this Oasis of Eden.


Charming Spanish Colonial meets Santa Fe architecture on rolling, green, manicured (to a hilt) landscape.  Hibiscus, Cana, Calla Lillies, and (what I call) firecracker plants are everywhere.  Meandering brick walkways, vine-covered archways, brooks, a soccer field, children's playground, horse exhibition arena, and horse stables fill out the rest of the property.  And, there's the 'barn'.   Not exactly what I had envisioned when they said the event would be primarily hosted in the 'barn'.

Cost:  $25

School busses picked up folks who didn't have transport (the 'carless') in town and brought them to the site.  Folks who had cars had plenty of parking available.  The night included a large arts/crafts table for the kids to engross themselves, a magician who performed for the kid-lettes, live performance by a singer/vocalist, dinner of hamburger, hotdogs, and/or bbq pork, dessert, dancing (some to rock-n-roll, some to country with line dancing or two-step) and, of course, cocktails (separate cost).   They also had a 50/50 drawing where the winner would receive 50% of the proceeds of the 50/50 ticket sales.

I tried to count the number of tables and seats set up in the 'barn' and estimated it accommodated 500.  About 400 people attended.   And, I would say that the 'barn' was approximately 4,000 sqft plus (100 long by 40 wide).  It was BIG.

Enuf said.  I'm gonna let the photos do the rest of the 'splainin'.
The 'scoo' busses

Looking back across the property from the parking lot.

'The Barn'.   Not exactly what I am used to envisioning.


Folks beginning to arrive.

The soccer (Futbol) field.

The bar.

The restaurant serving the guests of the complex.

Awww...ain't it a romantic swing set for the lubbers?

Looking back towards 'the barn' from the gazebo.

"Hello Wilbur, I'm Mr Ed"

View from the edge of the property across to the city of Cuenca.

More horse stall accommodations

Performance arena....ummm....for the HORSES!!!

Far works to end the night explosivelity

 Badaboom, Badabing.....THE END


And now a word from our Sponsor....ME!!!!!

Need a place to stay while you visit Cuenca but want more space and be able to cook (not eat out for every meal)?   Moving here but need temporary digs while you find your 'permanent' home, but prefer not to be stuck in a hotel?

Check out my two NEW short-term rentals below (at a cost equal to or less than a Motel 6!!!):




My two short-term rentals I've had for narly 2 years!




  1. wonderful description and beautiful photos. Thanks for resuming the blogging and good luck with all the rentals.

  2. I was Just thinking of you Yesterday! How are you?! That looked like quite the shin-dig! Beautiful! I love mediteranians with red tile roofs, arched windows, tile floors, stucco.... It looked beautiful! & I remember 2-stepping with you. I still go! hope all is well with you. Miss you lots! Luv T

  3. Thanks for adding me to your list of receivers of The Blog. This really helps give us an idea of what to expect in October. Still waiting to hear for work about approval on my dates. I will keep you posted. David, my husband, is still a bit apprehensive about this trip/moving to Ecuador. We won't know til we come down and see for ourselves. Is there a language school there if we wanted to take an hour a day in a spanish class? Diane Lowdermilk


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