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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Trip - Yo Varooma ah Zaruma (Part 2 of 2)

More photos.

A continuation of my trip to Zaruma, but this post is about the return trip back home.
A monument/statue in one of the roundabouts at the intersection of two roads.

At another roundabout.

There are roadside shrines, or as I call them...'prayer stops' everywhere in EC.

Now I know where they got the idea for Las Vegas showgirl headdresses!
Another monument in a roundabout leading to the airport that serves Machala

A very common scene throughout EC.  Using whatever means you have to get what you need done.  In this case, hauling two (approx 25 ft) long strands of re-bar on a motorcycle.

In the warmer areas, where cocoa trees are grown, the beans are laid out on the hot asphalt (or other flat concrete areas) to dry.  Here they were laid out between the highway fog-line and the ditch.  They use rakes to flip them over, and brooms to sweep them up.

In the tropical areas, there are bananas EVERYWHERE.  Along the roadside, are makeshift shacks with clusters of bananas hanging upside down for you to stop and buy along with watermelons and other types of fruit.   There are many variations in the colors of bananas, from a light red, to green, to yellow.

Travelling up in elevation, I passed through a bone-dry, desolate area, that included massive rock formations.

An active mining operation.  I drove past the place where you could see the entrance into the mountainside, unable to get a photo of it.  Look verrrrry closely about 5 levels down from the upper cut and about in the middle.  You can see something that looks like a truck parked up there.  Also, notice the truck at the bottom far left.

Zoomed in, it was just these barrels.  Check out the steps on the left.  Then, go back to the previous picture to see just how humongous this operation is.

I love all the rock outcrops in EC that look like a figure, an angel, or a face.  I see a LOT of them.   I think this one looks like the head of a Bassett Hound...no?

About an hour before Cuenca, the town of Santa Isabela sits high atop a hill.   I'd been by it many times, thinking the rather dreary development at the highway level was IT.  But, I later realized the bulk of the town was way up on the hill.  So, I took a short jaunt up there to find the main square and the obligatory church.

Soon after, I arrived home.....and.....found THIS sorry sight.

I want to speak to my lawyer.
I get one free call, don't I?
The cats are the ones who puked all over house!  
It wasn't meeeee!!!!
It's a SETUP!!!
I'm being FRAMED!!!

Gracie....I've said it before, and I'll say it again...



  1. Good blog, Dano. Sorry I couldn't go with you....Granny

  2. Hi Dano, I just love reading your blog.

  3. As usual, a thoroughly entertaining blog. ..... but, really, Varooma a Zaruma? :)

  4. Nice pics but I was looking forward to your usual angry American rant. Quite disappointing.

  5. Two 25 ft long pieces of rebar being carried on a motorcycle. Interesting. In China I saw a motorcycle going down the street with a full size washing machine attached to the back. Anything is a tool to be used when necessary.

  6. So does this mean our hot chocolate and Dove chocolates start out on the side of the road :-)

    1. LOL!!! You don't know the HALF of it!!! It goes from there into a big wooden vat and women with big dirty feet smoosh it into gooey chocolate and, sometimes, they get into a fight and hurl it at each other. Ohhh...waait....that was Lucy making wine.


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