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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nuttin but Photos

August is an eventful month in my family circle.  
  • The 1st was cousin Roy's birthday.  60!
  • The 5th was Auntie Edna's (Roy's mom) birthday.  She turned 83.
  • The 6th is, in my miind, THE most important day of the year....Lucille Ball's birthday.  She would've been 101.
  • The 6th is also my dog Sydney's birthday.  She would've been 19.
  • The 7th is my parents anniversary.  They got to 55 years.  Dad is gone, but I'm still countin...63 years ago they were married.
  • The 8th is my 'baby' brother David's birthday.  Turning 48 this year.
  • The 12th is both my best friend and my nephew's birthday and they're both named Brian.  Also cousin Connie's birthday...still sexy at 52 (or so I've heard).
  • By the 15th, My sister and her hubby (whatzhizname) will be closing on a house in our hometown, Port Angeles, WA...to which they'll ultimately move from Laramie, Wyo. 
  • The 20th is the birthday of my adopted boy 'Chip'.  He'll be 7 in human years.
  • The 24th is my niece Kami's birthday.  Lost count.
  • The 28th is my Auntie Pherecia's birthday....still zippin along at...I dunno...87?  She should have a hunky cop pull her over for speedin!!!
  • I closed the sale of my house
  • I move to my new place on the 15th
  • I'm in the midst of buying not one, but two small apartments
  • Shortly into Sept, I'm off to the USA for 3 weeks
  • ...and every Sunday I clean up the dog poop in the yard.
I'm BORED!!!

Since I have nothing going on and nothing on mind to speak about, I'm gonna just let you enjoy the following photos....32 of them!!



Me holding an Alpaca

Cuenca - Cenaculo church

Inside the Cenaculo church

Altar inside Cenaculo church

Cemetery in the town of Chunchi

Art made solely out of coffee beans of different colors/roasts

Cuenca - Church Corazon Jesus

Cuenca - refered to as the 'Old' Cathedral

Cuenca - Military bands playing in Parque Calderon in front of the 'New' Cathedral


Ditto again

Cuenca - Church on Pio Bravo street.  In other words, I don't know the name of it.

Shrine inside of church on Pio Bravo

Cuenca - interior of church on Pio Bravo

View of Cuenca from a hill where all the antennas are located.  The lines of green you see are the rivers that traverse the city.

Me and a client I drove for, at Hosteria Dos Chorreras on the way up to the Cajas.

Cuenca - Church on Plaza Merced

Interior of church on Plaza Merced

Carvings on the front doors of the church on Plaza Merced

Carvings at the front entrance of the church on Plaza Merced

Carvings on the front doors of the church on Plaza Merced

Cuenca - I dunno.  But every time I drive by it, it reminds me of a train station.

Church in a small parrish outside the town of Giron

One of the intriguing winding, dirt roads I explored in my 4 x 4.

Me holding a Falcon(?) owned by a person I was considering renting a house from.

Cuenca - Church in neighborhood known as Misicata

Cuenca - Another church in neighborhood known as Misicata

Church in the town of Progresso, near Playas

Cuenca - the recently restored church Todo Santos (All Saints)

Cuenca - Front of San Blas church

Dome of San Blas church

Cuenca - Interior of the church San Blas

Cuenca - Church Virgen de Bronce

Anyone for chicken feet in their soup?
Me thinks the reason this bird got whacked is because he was in the middle of flipping off his owner.

Ma' Boyz.  Chip (left), Bozo (right)


  1. Great photos, Dan. Have a good trip and know that
    we'll miss you and your commentaries (unless you are going to post from the US?)

  2. Dano, Enjoy your trip back home. I will look forward to your next...from the US or after you come back.

  3. Such a nice post ... I hope to meet you when I get to Cuenca in early September.

    Best to ya,

    in Flagstaff, AZ (for the moment)

  4. You forgot cousin Connie's birthday on the 12 th as well. She is going to be 52 years young!

  5. Love your blogs, pictures and details. Having said that I am coming to Cuenca...but reading about the smaller towns nearby (within 30 minutes)...I have a request.

    Would you consider doing a series of blogs on these smaller towns? Maybe they are cheaper since they are not Cuenca. Or there is life after dark without being in the big city. Are there rentals there? Are there mercados? Are there available taxis/buses that do regular routes to Cuenca?

    I have read about the smaller towns around Quito and Guayaguil - but I don't want to live near those cities. There is a blog by Cynthia and others talking about the cheaper cost of living - but medical is not in town - but it is safer for females.

    Oh heck, I think you get the idea.

    I am not ready/willing to live in a village (less than 25k people) but I would consider living outside Cuenca (NOT in the country area) if it appealed to me.

    Yeah, I know I am asking a lot - but I trust that you could do it justice.

    At least, please, think about it before you rush to send me a negative - wait for more than 30 seconds even if you are incredulous that I would even ask.

    Tell me what I can throw in my suitcase to bribe you.

    Charlotte NC

    1. Swiffers? Seriously?


    2. LOL...yes and no. They don't sell swiffers and I love 'em especially since almost every house has tile floors and what with a dog and 2 cats...you get the idea. There really aren't that many small towns outside of CUE, within 30 mins, and over 25K people. The choices are pretty much Gualaceo and Azogues. Almost every town has the open-air mercados of meats, fruits, vegetables and like. But, outside of the larger cities, it is rare to find a large grocery or hardware store the like of Safeway (Supermaxi) or Coral. Clubs, restaurants, etc are going to be smaller scale and less fancy. Likewise, cultural things such as art studios, museums, symphony, movie theaters are also going to be missing or lacking.

      Yes, there are a steady stream of busses that run back and forth between all the cities, towns, and small villages as this is THE main means of transportation of a large segment of the population.

      Yes, there are rentals pretty much anywhere you go, but especially here in CUE and, of course, Quito due to its sheer enormity. And, yes, smaller towns will invariably be cheaper simply by nature...but less amenities usually, too (entertainment, medical, etc).

      The best thing I recommend you to do is simply come here and explore, talk to people, and take a few side trips to see what suits your fancy. I think you'll be surprised how compact CUE is and it doesn't have the big-city feel that you might envision based on the population numbers. You can be smack dab in the center of the city and, within 15 minutes, be in rural countryside.

    3. Denise, I'm with you. I have done tons of research on Cuenca, and it seems to be a wonderful place, but! I would be more than willing to be in a smaller city, and travel to Cuenca for my needs as far as medical, arts, etc. I also am a single female, and am used to the rural live in the United States. This is something I truly love, and personally would feel safer also. I'm honestly not afraid to live in Cuenca, but at the same time I believe I would feel more comfortable in a smaller community. I'm just a country girl at heart I suppose. It's what I know. My sister is planning on moving to Ecuador with me, but even if that changes for some reason, I am still certainly planning the move. Maybe we'll run into each other there, and I truly hope to meet you Dano. I am so so looking forward to being there in person.
      Norma Jean

  6. Hey this is Joe, house in Puertas del sol, you brought mike here. Please forward me the contacts for the movers and where to get moving supplies, thanks, Joe


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