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Friday, February 10, 2012

Trip - Banos Ecuador - Part 3

Now for the last segment of my stay in Banos, Ecuador.   Shots around town.

I don't know what it is, but there are water slides winding down the outside of it.

In-town waterfall with the main thermal baths/pools facility below it.

Public laundry facility.  I'm not kidding.  Water from the falls, flow into them.  The slanted spots are to scrub the clothes then rinse them in the fresh water tubs next to them.

Volcanic thermal pools.

Town of Banos

Yet ANOTHER (ho hum) waterfall on the way up to a hosteria (hotel).


I drove to the hills on the other side of town.  Looking back at where I had just been in the prior 2 photos.  The falls you see in the middle of the photo is the same falls as in 2 photos back.

Main river headed to the dam.

The road I travelled, in the hills on the other side of town, was only slightly wider than my car, yet it has a CENTER LINE????    C'mon!!!  Each lane couldn't have been more than 4 ft wide!!  And, when i was going up, I met a BUS coming down!!!

The main river squished through a narrow stone passage then, widens out afterwards.

This kooky vehicle tows other carriages around town full of party people.

In a popular club....a sign informing you where the bathroom is.


  1. Fantastic pictures showing a great adventure. Thank you for all the great information. Looks like fun and something we'd like to do sometime in the future.

  2. Great pics and info - sounds like a great time :) Mark from Oberlin, Ohio USA here.. soon to be Cuenca with family in tow

  3. Really enjoyed your narrative and photos. It appears all of you had a great time. Banos definitely looks like something exciting I would like to do, minus your road trip there. How warm is it there compared to Cuenca? Jim Mola


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