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Friday, February 10, 2012

Trip - Banos Ecuador - Part 2

More photos of my Banos, Ecuador experience.  These are from Day 2 when we took the $5, three and a half hour tour.

The disco tour bus.  Notice the immense amount of detailed work in laying down the road.

First stop....the dam and waterfall just outside Banos

2nd stop....we rode (actually more like hurled across) in that basket.  We screamed like a bunch of little girls!!

The basket took us over there.

Shots taken from the hurling basket.

Shot taken from the basket

On a zip-line parallel to us in the basket, this kid and his DOG!!!   The dog looked like he was bored out of hid mind.  

Afterwards, you can purchase photos of your crossing taken by these guys.   What a setup...a computer, screen, and printer in the back of the car.  LOL  $2 for each photo.

3rd stop.  Zip-lining.   Raul (shown), George, and 66 yo Elaina all did it.   The longest line to choose from at 1 km, approx 3,000 feet long!!!

Recognize this guy?   Yep.  JC

George, Elaina, and Raul hiking back up a ravine after the end of their zip-line ride.  Hefty hike!!

Proud of their accomplishment!!!   First time for all 3.

4th stop....to the 'sisters' waterfall.   We rode in another basket down that cable you see.  Then walked across a suspension bridge at the bottom.

Again, screaming like little girls, the basket blew out of the station at break neck speed. When we returned we thought we were going to crash into the station because it didn't slow down until the LAST SECOND!!!

Yours truly yukking it up.

Look closely.  See the cable line slicing thru the middle of the photo?  That's the line the basket travelled.  Then, look against the rock cliff at the left....that red line is a LADDER we would have to climb back up if the basket system failed.   EEEEK!!

Exposed cliff next to the waterfall.  Fascinating formations.

Me, soaking wet when I got too close to the waterfall.  We were told we could walk BEHIND the waterfalls, but we couldn't see where to enter and, when trying, the waterfalls blasted us.  Again, more screaming like little girls.   Later, we found out it was the NEXT stop that we could walk behind the falls.  DOH!!!!!

That's a spa resort down there.  Notice the pedestrian bridge linking it.

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