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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Remodel...Master Bathroom - Completion

Putting together the finished product takes a lot of coordination.   Many people are involved and many tasks have dependencies...something has to be done first before the next step can start. 

I put together a 23-step plan, both in English and Spanish, identifying what needed to be done, by whom, and by when.  For example, my tile installer couldn't install the new floor tiles until my plumber completed construction of the bathtub support structure...and it had dried for several days.  The cabinet-makers couldn't install the new vanity until the tiler had installed the floor tiles, let the cement dry, and grouted.  The countertop people couldn't cut (out of the slab) the new countertop to size until the new vanity was installed.  The new glass tub/shower enclosure couldn't be built until the new tub was in place in order to get correct measurements and, likewise, the new mirror couldn't be cut to size until the countertop and backsplash was in place.  Therefore, I believe the egg came before the chicken!!

The entire demolition and installation process, AFTER all the shopping, buying, designing, and ordering, took 2 weeks.  If anyone (of about 10 people) missed their deadline, it would cause slippage on the whole effort.

Ok, so here's the breakdown of the costs:

  • Bathtub + plumbing drain kit = $105
  • Bathtub new supporting structure = $150
  • Bathtub new acrylic/aluminum surround = $220
  • Cabinet/vanity = $350
  • Countertop (marble) = $142
  • Countertop install = $85
  • Faucets = $50
  • Light Fixtures (2) = $80
  • Mirror = $50
  • Paint = $25
  • Plumbing install = $50
  • Plumbing move = $50
  • Sinks + plumbing kits = $135
  • Tile, Floor = $226
  • Tile, Walls = $183
  • Tile, Installation = $230
  • Toilet = $100 **
  • TOTAL = $2,231
What would that cost in the USA?  A minimum of $5,500.

**  As with any project, things change, primarily due to discoveries along the way.  Even though my house is only 15 years old, apparently in the past they installed toilets differently than what we're used to.   Instead of bolting them down, they cemented them directly to the floor.  So, we had to take the good ol' standard tools of EC (hammer and chisel) and chip away the cement around the base to loosen the old toilet enough to lift it off.  I was going to re-use my old toilet.  But, when I found out we had to chip off all the remaining cement that covered the entire bottom of the toilet (and not break the toilet) I said 'no way...I'll buy a new one'.   $100 later, I have a new toilet that uses the 'new' technology of a wax ring and bolt-downs.

If you want to refresh your memory of what the bathroom looked like before, and some of the demolition photos, just go back 2 posts and re-view the photos.

Picking up from where we left off, here's the finishing touches:

Eduardo installing the new marbled creme/beige wall tiles.  Bye Bye green!!!!

Plumbing has been extended to the right, ready for the new vanity.

Tub surround, floors, and wall tiles almost finished.
New vanity cabinet in place, waiting for the marble countertop.

The new vanity WAS clean before the marble arrived.  UGH...more dust everywhere (from drilling the sink and faucet holes).

My new sinks and tower-style faucets.  Though the sinks look like rootbeer-colored marble, they ae in fact glass.  Installed them myself!!

The finished look.

New toilet (duh).  I installed this by myself, too!!  So far, no leaks!
Floor tiles are rectangular (vs square wall tiles) and are a dark brown, almost charcoal color.

New towel rack.

Tub done, new plumbing and light fixture installed.

New bronze aluminum frame with rippled acrylic panels tub enclosure completed.


Well, next week is a national holiday with special focus on Cuenca's Independence Day...an all-week celebration of many fiestas, parades, runs, younameit.   I'm sure it will provide a bounty of which to write about and post photos.  Check back in a week or so!  TAH!


  1. Really wish you could coordinate our new house......someday.... who knows when.

    Looks wonderful! Chris

  2. Woah, that’s a lot of savings! I love your shower area… Hm, that’s the perfect way to enjoy the shower – under the heat of the sun! ;)

  3. Sounds awesome!! Great idea sire

    -Irwin Zinkin

  4. Good gosh,man! Love, love, love it!
    I've read all of your posts but must've missed the one where you bought this house and your experience. If you ever read this, would you repost that part, or write it if you never did? Muy bueno - Claudia from Dallas, TX. ~ Notice I included the state...since there ARE other towns named Dallas in the U.S. Although, Dallasites (pretentious, materialistic folks that they are) believe that the whole world knows about this wannabe world-class, hotter than hades, social climbing piece of concrete. Can't want to see this Republican dominated place in my rear-view mirror!

    1. LOL Claudia!! Thanks!! I bought my this house before I started the blog. I was one of those crazy people who looked and made an offer when I was here on my TWO WEEK exploratory trip. Then closed the deal from long-distance after returning home. That way, is was all set to go when I came back a few months later, permanently. It was quite a simple process.

  5. Nice! It seems that you spent less than what you expected for your master bathroom remodeling project. I was able to experience the same with our bathroom makeover. Well, we’re lucky because we have a plumber in our family. My cousin is totally not an expert, but he has the skills and experience when it comes to plumbing works. He volunteered to helped us, and got the faucets and shower installed in no time.

  6. I commend you for a job well done, Dano. I can feel your happiness after completing this awesome bathroom renovation project. I like the vanity the most. The materials you used were very stylish, especially the sink and the tower-style faucets.


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