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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Salinas...Now, the Good

Ok, so not EVERY thing in/around Salinas was awful.  Oh, did I mention the water park with all the fun slides is closed?   Ooops...I'm supposed to focus on the 'good'.

There are some side diversions around Salinas.  They are mainly upscale developments along the beach with beautiful homes and, thus, beautiful landscaping, located on beautiful lots.

Here are some of the exceptions.   But, just so you don't misunderstand, I am still giving Salinas (and the surrounding areas) a 5.3 on a scale of 10.

I doubt the Chamber of Commerce (presuming there IS one) will be contacting me to film a commercial promoting the area!!!

Punta Blanca (White Point).  A very upscale private community of wonderful homes in beautiful settings.  There's a private club on the beach with several pools, restaurants, and water slides for a mere $6,000 (minimum) membership fee, PLUS monthly dues.   (get me my checkbook!!)

A very cool Hosteria called Farralon Dillon in Ballenita, just outside Salinas.  Very ship-motif.  There are hotel rooms in that tower!!  Museum, pool, restaurant, and great beach all on site.

Community of Ballenita, looking down from Farallon Dillon hosteria.

Infinity pool at Farallon Dillon

Beach below Farallon Dillon.

Stairway leading down to beach below Farallon Dillon.  Wouldn't it be more fun if it were a water slide?

Outdoor part of restaurant at Farallon Dillon.  On the bluff overlooking the beach and Ballenita.  I had lunch here.
Piece of driftwood that amazingly looks like a Seal.

Cool planter made of branches/driftwood on the railing of the restaurant.


  1. Thanks for writing about the 'flip' side of Salinas. I don't think I'll be visiting it in my lifetime. After living in Florida for almost 18 yrs., I think I've got spoiled.

    Enjoy your posts and photos. Loved the driftwood that DID look like a seal. The planter made of branches/drifwood was kinda neat also.


  2. Yea, thanks for the seal and the planter. I appreciate you showing us the best Salinas has to offer. Jim Mola (VIVA CUENCA!)

  3. It won't be long and that infinity pool will be on the beach. The erosion is right up next to it!



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