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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quito - Part 2 of 3

When we (Kathleen and I) came down off the volcano, we hailed a taxi and headed for the Basillica...a large cathedral you can spot from nearly anywhere in Quito.  This is the first cathedral I've seen in Ecuador of the gothic design.   Gothic cathedrals are everywhere in Europe.

From there, we wandered towards the 'old town' which is primarily where all the UNESCO World Heritage buildings are, and where the presidential palace (think White House) is located.  

Notice the gargoyles around the perimeter of the cathedral.  There's two leopards(?) and two aligators in this photo.  In Europe, sometimes these were also used as downspouts.  So, when it rained, they looked like they were puking rainwater out their mouths!  LOL!

The interior ceiling.   How DID they do that several hundred years ago????

The huge stained glass rose window.

Looking back towards the Basilica...from whence we came.

We had lunch here, up on the 3rd level, and bought some souveniers, too.

Looking back down to the center court from our table.

Purty building.

A couple of boys earing some $$ giving shoe-shines in the main square.

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