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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day Trip - Azogues

As part of showing my guest from Seattle, Kathleen, around Ecuador, we took a day drive up to Azogues, about an hour north of Cuenca.   I had never been there before, and heard it had a spectacular cathedral.   If you've been following my blog, you've probably realized nearly every town in EC has a cathedral, located in the central square, framed by a park.  This was no exception except that it was high on a hill overlooking Azogues.  I always find it amazing the size of these churches...so large for such small towns.

Azogues is very hilly with cobblestone streets winding their way through the hills and valleys of the town.  We ventured up a dirt road to try to reach the top of a hill where there was a large statue of Mary overlooking the village.  But, the road stopped and you had to hike the rest of the way.  We weren't in the mood to hike up a steep hill on a dirt trail when we had already wheezed our way up steps to the cathedral. 

We also found another charming church in the center of town and watched the townsfolk in the square while having pizza across the street.   Pizza is everywhere here.

Before heading home, I tried to drive to Canar but we drove and drove and it hadn't appeared yet and we were tired, so we turned around and headed back.  But, not without jaw-dropping vistas that I'm unable to describe.  It was like seeing the opening scene to the 'Sound of Music' over and over again whenever we turned a new corner in the hills driving between Azogues and Canar.

So, here's a few pictures of our day trip.
Condos in Azogues?  Nope.   This is a cemetery.  Most cemeteries in EC are above-ground.  The caskets slide into those square spaces.

The large hill I mentioned with a statue of Mary on top.
A charming church along the way up a steep dirt road towards the Mary statue.

200 steps from the parking lot to the top.

The town of Azogues and surrounding hills as viewed from the Cathedral above.

Church in the center of town.

The look of downtown.  We had pizza on the corner diagonal from the church above.

This is the first church I've seen with modern (1950's) ceilings.  I guess those benches are that way to keep people awake?

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