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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Money, Money, Money!!

In past posts, I've provided some examples of costs around here.  Well, I have more to report:
  • Custom made Sofa, 2 Loveseats, 2 Single Chairs, plus a formal Dining Room Table with 6 chairs = $2000
  • Custom made Coffee Table, plus 3 End Tables all with glass inserts, handmade from drawings I submitted = $360
  • Had a water leak in a concrete wall (pipe burst).  Carlos chisled out about 3ft of wall around the pipe as well as tile on the face of my outside laundry area, replaced the bad pipe, and patched the wall with new concrete and tile.  5 hours of labor.   Cost?  $55 ($25 for labor, $15 for parts, $15 for carton of replacement tiles).
  • At one of the several open-air mercados (markets), groceries were:
    • 30 eggs $2.70
    • 30 juice oranges $2.00
    • 12 apples $2
    • 2 lbs strawberries $2
    • 2 onions .40 cents
    • 2 lbs large shrimp $10
    • 1/4 chicken $1.50
    • 7 bananas .40 cents
    • 2 cucumbers .50 cts
    • 3 avocados $1
    • 7 tomatoes $2
    • 1/2 lb large blackberries .60 cents
  • Gas reg $1.48,  Super $2.08, Diesel $1.04
  • My utility costs per month?
    • Electric $25
    • Water $5
    • Natural Gas (dryer, hot water, cooking) $2 - $5
    • Garbage pickup (twice a week) FREE
    • Recycle pickup (once a week) FREE
  • Today, two men arrived to install my new porcelain tile floors in the kitchen.  The product itself (tiles) were $250 for a 12 ft x 12 ft room.  The labor to install was $4 per square meter (a little more than one square yard) which came to a total of $65.  They were here 4 hours.
After all those BORING statistics, here's some pics of what that money bought.

The two single chairs I had custom made, and one of the end tables in-between.

One of the loveseats (the other is in the TV loft...not shown) plus the big couch and coffee table.

Handcrafted dining room table for 6 with frosted glass insert
Carlos chiseled out channels in the concrete wall to add a plug-in for the dishwasher and garbage disposal, plus an on/off switch for the disposal.  After the tubing and wire was added, he backfilled with concrete until it was flush with the wall.

My new porcelain tiles being installed right over the top of the old ceramic ones.  The new grout lines will be extremely thin...maybe 1/16th of an inch wide!!


  1. Love the dining room table, wall colors, pictures on the wall, etc. I'm amazed at how you organized all of this in such a short time!


  2. Hey Dan, the carpet looks great in your place. Nice job on the reno!

  3. Thanks for the pics and examples on pricing. The custom made furniture looks great.

  4. Informative blog
    I'm thinking hard about making the move are you interested in a conversation?

  5. Dano,

    I stumbled upon your blog today and have nearly read every post. Your renovation looks amazing, so much that it doesn't even look like the same place. My husband and I are considering making to the move to Cuenca and will be visiting in Oct. After seeing everything you have done and the availability of materials and helpers, I am inspired that we could also do a renovation. I might need to consult with you for some decorating ideas. Would love to chat or email when you have time.


    thewells928 at gmail dot com


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