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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kitchen Done? CHECK!!

FINALLY!!!  No more misfit kitchen to deal with!!   NO MORE HANDWASHING DISHES!!!  (that's for you Mom and Chris!)  Last week, the guys came in and installed most of the cabinets in one day, then the granite installer arrived to take measurements.  Monday of this week, they showed up and layed down the granite (and a nice coat of dust in the house).   I had my favorite team of Patricio/Rene/Carlos come and install the dishwasher, garbage disposal, sink, and faucet (cost, $50 for 6 hours work each by 2 men).   Of course, nothing is without its bumps along the way.   The former drain outlet was too high on the wall so Carlos had to go outside and take his hammer and chisel (once again) and punch out a hole in the concrete wall to access the pipe and lower it...followed by re-patching the wall with concrete and blend it all in for me to follow up with paint.

New kithcen features:
  • Built in GE oven with rotisserie (gas AND electric)
  • Built in GE Microwave
  • Double-wide GE Refrigerator with ice maker and water dispenser
  • GE glass cooktop (gas)
  • GE dishwasher
  • Soft-close cupboard doors
  • Soft-close and fully extendable drawers
  • Pull-out kitchen faucet
  • In-countertop push-button on/off switch for disposal
  • Deep stainless steel UNDERMOUNT sink (means no gunk getting caught in sink rim)
  • New breakfast bar
  • Large pantry cabinet with slide-out drawers
  • Slide-out spice cabinet next to cooktop
  • New porcelain tile floors
  • Walls and ceiling freshly painted
  • New light fixture (replaced lovely dangling light bulb motif)
  • Small desk with glass display cabinets above it
No, I am not getting perks from GE!!!

Here's before and after of this yet another completed remodel project.

BARF blue-plaid wallpaper (hope the seller doesn't read this!)

Formica countertop, drawers that stuck, no dishwasher, no garbage disposal

With everything stripped out.

Notice there's no opening to the dining room...only a door leading in/out of the kitchen.

My temporary kitchen setup in the garage while the kitchen space was being readied

Knocking out a see-thru space for a breakfast bar

And.....the NEW RESULT!!!   New breakfast bar, see-thru to the dining room, new EVERYTHING!!!

The only thing left to do is a window valance and a few small wall decorations.

Desk to right of refrigerator and to the right of that, the pantry cabinet.


  1. WOW! Will the boys want to climb on your open shelves?

  2. Congratulations, looks very nice.

  3. Looks great. Congratulations.

  4. what a wonderful space, will make cooking more enjoyable


  5. Really nice job and very good taste. If you don't mind me asking what was the costs of each of the GE appliances? I'm a big fan of GE appliances and would like to know for when we move to Ecuador for our potential savings and budget. My email is ecuadorpawpost@gmail.com if you don't want to throw the dollar amounts around on your blog. Keep up the posts, your blog is great.

  6. Dano: FABULOUS!!!!The kitchen looks amazing. Congratulations. Love, Ron and Louis

  7. I am so impressed. The kitchen looks stunning!


  8. If I move to Cuenca, will you do the interior design on my abode? I love your furniture - do you have any pics of your bedroom furniture? Your house looks FABULOUS. Great job.


  9. Love the comment about the dangling light bulb motif, I was born in EC and remember those lights like it was yesterday. Funny stuff

  10. Looks amazing, though I'm seeing this long after completion. I've just bought a condo in Cuenca and want to redo the kitchen. Did you purchase the cabinets here? Were they custom? Who did them? My condo is new but fitted with laminate cabinets, no dishwasher and no oven. Any advice you can offer would be appreciated! karen.k.b@live.com

    1. Thank you! I got all my cabinets custom made for me, as well as granite, flooring, and tiles from Duramas on Remigio Crespo. I really like them and they did a great job. Prices were lowest I found over many other competitors. but, my cabinets are laminate, but very good quality (full extension drawers, self close mechanisms, quiet drawer rollers, etc. They are craftsman who make cabinets from solid wood, but I don't know who/where they are. Duramas also has some solid wood selections. Dishwashers can be retrofitted if you have space next to your sink...sometimes by altering the corner cabinet that has a 90 degree hinged door. I did it in my current house.


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