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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Corpus Christi

This week is the celebration of Corpus Christi (Body of Christ).  Not sure what the connection is, but much of the festivities that surround the main park square and Cathedral involve endless candy booths, fireworks, music, street performers, and hot air thingies.

Kathleen (uhwayback), my guest from the US of A, and I went early in the evening and it was a good thing we did because parking became non-existent once it was dark.  We walked past booth after booth after booth stacked with hundreds of cookies, candies, pastries, and who-knows-what.  Thousands of people crammed Parque Calderon in front of the cathedral to watch fireworks shot in the air as well as those rigged to bamboo tower-like structures with pinwheels and various religious images.  There were an array of street performers, one of which was a man dressed in black with a life-sized doll fixed to the front of him with a violin.  As he moved and played the violin, she moved too.  There were many food carts scattered about generally cooking up various meat skewers amidst a lot of smoke.  

What was the most intriguing were the 'hot air balloons'...not the ride-in kind...but maybe 3ft square on average, colorful, and sent aloft by folks waving dried bunches of weeds(?) under the structure then when the hot air filled the unit up, it would sail off into the sky with a small clump of something still burning under it to keep the flame going.   Boy, I really have all my facts down, don't I?

Anyway, you'll get what I mean in the photos and videos to follow.  There were a few larger balloons of interesting geometric shapes, too.  One couldn't help but wonder, what if these things land on something and set it afire?  A forest fire?   I dunno....I guess it wouldn't come down until the flame went out, therefore nothing to ignite wherever it landed.   But, I'm sure some people around the city awoke to some UFO looking thing in their yard...wherever it chose to land.

Candy, Cookies, Pastries OH MY!!!

A doll playing a violin.  The man operating 'her' looks like the Grim Reaper, no?

20ft or so tower of bamboo, pinwheels, and fireworks.

Purty at night.

One of the hot air balloons going aloft.

Using burning dry grass to fill the balloon up with hot air.

No, those aren't stars or planets you see....just many balloons aloft.

Cool, eh?

One of the extra large balloons being readied to send aloft.

Fireworks above the cathedral.

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