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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Closets Done? CHECK!!

Over the weekend, I ripped out the 15 year old ugly white closet from my bedroom and painted the newly exposed wall, all to be ready for Monday's installation of the new closets.

Well, they didn't show.  However, they did show today (Tuesday) and it took them the entire workday to install the closet components in the master and guest bedrooms....just in time for my first guest to arrive tomorrow.

Here's the pictorial story....

What the master bedroom closet used to look like.  BLECH!!

With the old closet removed and walls painted

Delivery truck with all the closet components and kitchen cabinets in it, stacked high!!

Up the stairs they go to the bedrooms.

Kitchen cabinets waiting to be installed...on my new porcelain-tiled floors!!.  The white sides are the sides that won't be seen.,

Guest bedroom closet being assembled.  Notice the adjustable legs and how, in the picture after the next picture, they hide the legs and fill in the gaps at the ceiling.

New master bedroom closet, repositioned along the longer wall.  All the drawers fully extend and everything has soft-close mechanisms.

Guest bedroom closet finished.  CHECK!!

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  1. I love your blog! My son and I arrive in Cuenca for good from Seattle on July 12th. Maybe we will cross paths sometime.


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