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Monday, May 16, 2011

What a Pain

I'm in pain. Burnt the crap outa myself yesterday while hanging out at Piedra de Agua, a volcanic spa of mineral pools, mud baths, turkish sauna, etc. Fell asleep on a lounger but didn't feel burned...until later....than OWWWWWWWW!!!! With the thin air at our altitude of 8,200 feet the suns rays are intense. For some reason, I put sunscreen on my face and shoulders but nowhere else.  So, from the upper chest down, I'm almost a cabernet red. What a dumbass.  Hurts to touch myself. (ok, don't go there).

But, let's back up a bit.  Our 'rainy season' is technically over.  Our seasons are not classified as Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall 'all you got to do is call!!'....sorry, broke into song there.  We have 2 seasons....rainy (or wet) and dry.  Rainy is from Nov thru April.  Dry is, well if you can't figure it out.  It doesn't mean it rains all the time from Nov to April, it just means it's wetter than normal. 

So, yesterday it was nice and sunny and very warm.  So, I thought why not head to the town of Banos that has several small mineral spa resorts.  It's just a few minutes out of town and I really enjoyed it when I was there the first time last November.

Since I now have a car, I explored the village a little bit more before stopping at the spa.  It's situated on a steep hill, and at the top stands a majestic cathedral.  The vistas are stunning.  I can't repeat enough just how beautiful the topography is here.  I'm from an area (Pacific Northwest, Washington) where I was surrounded by mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, etc.  But, there's something very different here.  Reminds me a lot of Switzerland.

So, enjoy these pics I took before I burnt myself to a crisp.

The town of Banos

The Hills are Alive!!

Cathedral at the top of the hill overlooking Banos below and Cuenca in the distance.

I always feel guilty taking pics inside the sanctuary.

Do you get the feeling they're religious around here???

Farmers market outside the cathedral.

This thing burned me!!

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