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Friday, May 20, 2011

Remodel...Adding a little Lustre

I have a nice curved stairway I felt needed a little gussying up.  The previous owners had part of it carpeted but since I ripped out all the carpet upstairs and replaced it with hardwoods (piso flotantes) I figured why have the stairwell be the only place with carpet?  Besides, it was old and dirty.

Under the carpet is thick 2" planks.  I stained the planks with a dark reddish/brown color which turned out to be darn near the same color as the bannister.  Purely by accident.  Problem is...as I've told this story many times before...when you paint one room, the room next to it looks like sh_t.  So, you end up painting that room, too.   And, on it goes.

Staining the steps didn't end there because then the railings and all 108 spindles looked like sh_t.  Then, there's all the wood trim facing on the opening of the stairwell.  Oh my, the old wooden doors downstairs leading to the office and powder bath now look dreary, too.  Now that I look at them, so does the front door, and those swinging wood saloon-type doors leading into the kitchen, too.    Well, might as well do them, too.   Oh geez....when I go outside to the maids room, maids bath, and laundry, all 3 of those wood doors look pretty weathered and need a good sprucing up as well.  I'm sure I'm gonna lose a few brain cells during this process as this stain smells mighty toxic!!!  

But, I think the end result looks pretty good, dont'cha thin?  I'm not done yet, but at least I can show you what I have done thus far.

Stairwell - As I bought the house

Stairwell - with carpet removed

Stairwell - faces newly painted and steps re-stained

Front Door - Before

Front Door - After re-staining
(GRACIE!!  Get outa the picture!!)

Office door - before being re-stained

Powder Bath Door - After being re-stained
(pic of office door afterwards showed too much flash)

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  1. OMG! The stairs look wonderful! You are so talented. The door looks wonderful too! Mollie


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