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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day Trip - Gualaceo

Now that I have a car, I decided to take a little day drive outside of Cuenca, to Gualaceo (Wall A Say Oh) and Paute (Pow ooo Teh).   In the photos below, you'll see just how beautiful the topography is.  Large looming hills make dots of peoples' homes.  Of course, every town has its church anchored around the main square.  And, there seems to always be rivers. 

The central church of Gualaceo

Close-up shot of the details on the front door.  Look back at the picture before this and take note just how large these doors are..see the people approaching on the right??

Inside this quaint little chapel.  HA!!

I'm actually high up on one of the hillsides looking down at the river below, but this picture doesn't quite capture the height.

Again, look at the size of the buildings in relation to the drama of the hills.

Paute.  Those are greenhouses below, growing roses, orchids, and zillions of tomatos amongst many other things I'm sure.

Purty, ain't it?

You see this all the time around here....houses dotting the hillsides.  You wonder how people get up there as there are few roads to be found.  Sometimes, just trails or dirt tracks.

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