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Monday, May 16, 2011

Bonus Round!!

Two, TWO posts in ONE day!!

Thought I'd publish a few other interesting photos, sans any story behind them.

A religious school of some sort in Cuenca.  I really focus on details, don't I?

Dozen roses I bought at the flower market for $4.

This is a disco (nightclub)!!  The building connected to the airplane houses most of the disco, but the airplane itself is a bar.

Inside 'California Kitchen'.  A restaurant situated in the center of an old colonial building.  CK is owned by a couple from San Diego (where I lived for 14 years) and their son and daughter.  The ferns are REAL and you can't find ONE brown leaf on those things!!

A huuuuge magnificent chandelier dangling from the center skylight over the restaurant.  Due to the brightness, I couldn't capture the detail, but I think you get the point.


  1. Love the airplane. Can you please let me know the name of the hostel you stayed at.

  2. Hi Dano,

    We are from the Hotel Villa Nova Inn which is located next to the Tomebamba River and Escalinatas. We are a very good option if someone wants to stay in Cuenca. This is our website villanovacuenca.com, so you can see our place and recomend it to people who wants to visit our beautiful city.
    We hope you continue visiting the faboluos places that Cuenca has to offer.


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