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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Artesan Finds

Now that I have everything painted, the furniture in place, and plants galore, it's time to add some accents and spruce up those blank walls.   I've been looking for authentic local-made Ecuadorian art, not Made in China.   It's not as easy as it might sound.  There's plenty of ticky-tacky stuff around here and I'm picky (big surprise).  I heard of a local artesan factory and went to check it out.  It's actually very close to my house.   WOW....what beautiful stuff they make and have for sale in their storefront.  Everything is hand molded, fired, painted, right down to the finish product in this one building. 

Here's some pics of the place and a few of the items I purchased.   They have a 'seconds' room where (supposedly) flawed items that didn't pass inspection are available for discounted prices on Fridays only, from 9am-12pm only.  Guess where I'll be on Friday?

Lamps, wall plaques, murals, vases, bowls, coffee cups, plates, salt/peppers....it's all here.

Each piece is signed and stamped 'made in Cuenca, Ecuador'.

My favorite design.  Really like the bright, bold colors.   I bought the large, tallest vase ($30) and 2 sets of large coffee cups w/saucers ($12).

I purchased this ceramic mural.  It's about 14" x 18".

Wrapping up my purchases.

My vase.  Cobalt blue (hard to see).  That's Sydney in the background (RIP Babycakes).

Large coffee cups.


  1. Great job with your blog. I just found it today and just finished reading all of your posts. Keep up the great work - to echo what someone already wrote - I like your writing style. The humor, costs of everyday items and photos are great.


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