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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meet Gracie

I'm such a BAD DAD!!   A few posts back, I told you about the !%#$!@# I went through to bring my little girl down to EC from the Seattle area.  Back in Feb, I brought my two cats down and their pictures have appeared in this blog.

But, when Gracie was catching up on my blog, she blew her stack and gave me a ration of sh_t for not posting any pictures of her!!!  My bad!!

So, to complete the picture of my family here in Cuenca, I give you....


HUH?   (those of you who are old enough....remember the Victorola dog?)

Siente Se!!!   ('sit' in English)   She's learning her Spanish commands.

How come I can't paint, too, Dad!!??

All My Children.  Gracie, Bozo, and Chip (in the back)

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