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Monday, April 11, 2011

Ima Pooped

Ima Pooped.  If I ever were to do drag in Ecuador, that would be my drag name…Ima Pooped.  

Last week was non-stop work on the remodel.  Tore out the closets that formed a wall between two bedrooms, took out all the painted doors and ripped off all the moldings around the doors and floors, took up the upstairs carpet, and painted, painted, painted.  The two guys I have working here are sealing the ceiling and walls with sealant tinted with the color for that room, then I came behind them and painted the final color.  Painted 3 bathrooms, master bedroom, loft area, and my office.  Hung 2 more outdoor light fixtures, finally got a guy hired to do my lawn (which was over a foot tall) which he tackled and I followed thru with weeding and trimming and thinning the flowers.  Moved my desk, computer, file cabinet, and armoire into the ‘new’ office. 

This weekend marked the anniversary of Cuenca.  It’s called Doce de Abril (12th of April).  So, everything is closed and Monday (Lunes) is a holiday.  Festivals are all over the place which include craft fairs, concerts, fireworks, etc.  I took a few hours and went with a friend and walked through several of the arts and crafts locations, enjoyed a 2 scoop ice cream cone ($1) then went for pizza afterwards and back home for more painting. 

This…all in 1 week.  Ima Pooped.

Next week?  We move downstairs and start sealing and painting the living room, foyer, and dining area, plus the guys start constructing a permanent brick/concrete wall between the two bedrooms.  That, and my new furniture is slated to be delivered on Friday.  In the midst of all this, my agent and I need to go ‘somewhere’ and get the water and electric bill changed over to me and pay for the last month.  Oh, and I need to run BACK to the bank because the ATM machine the other day didn’t spit my card out FAR enough for me to grab, so it ‘ate it’ (held it for my security).  Need to retrieve my card which is my lifeline!!!  Oh, and get a phone book.   Hmmmm….I want to check out that nursery I spotted one time in a taxi, need to get some plants for the house.   Annnndddd….need to get back to that place I found that sells piso flotantes (floating hardwood floors) and get them to come over to the house and give me a bid on new ‘hardwood’ floors for the upstairs area.  Annnnd, at some point, need to get back to those folks who make doors and see what it will cost to replace the upstairs doors I ripped out and had hauled away.

Ima Pooped.


  1. Arrgh! I'll try yet again. I don't know what I am doing wrong! Enjoying your blog. Love the new fireplace look! Keep the before and after pictures coming. Chris

  2. Oh I so admire your courage to do this! My husband and I have wanted to leave the US for many reasons the last 20 yrs or so, and we found our greatest fears being perpetuated by the US gov propoganda. I have seen so many stories from expats who have done the same as you in Equador and other places, and I do envy you. Once again we are trying to figure out a way to make a living (too young for ss) and live in a part of the world where human values still reign #1. Equador seems to be one of the better places right now for US expats wanting to distance themselves from typical american attitudes. Please keep writing so we can read and dream of the day we too can join you!

  3. You are crazy! No sooner do you get your Bremerton home just the way you want it and you move into a house that you are totally re-doing! You must love to work!.....Mollie


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