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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cat on a Hot Glass Roof

Ok, so it's not a TIN roof!!  But....those of you who know my kitties, know that I have a mischevious cat named 'Chip' who I inherited from my Mom (which explains his behavior!!).  

Not long after I brought my cats down to EC, I spotted Chip up on the glass roof of my sunroom!!!    I didn't think there was any way either of my cats could escape my 8ft high walls, but there he was!!!  Panicked, I demanded he get down NOW!!! Typical of Chip's personality, he ignored me. 

Then, Chip walked into the room.  HUH??? 

It seems there is a Chip twin in the neighborhood who likes to walk along the upper edges of the walls and onto my sunroom glass roof!!  This guy look soooo much like my Chippie!!!  Except for the fact he doesn't have a 'chip' out of his ear like my boy does.

Take a look at the photo's and see for yourself!!

My Chippie

Another shot of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Chip

Cat on a Hot Glass Roof

Tell me he (she?) doesn't look like Chip!!

No Name Cat or Chip?    You decide!!!


  1. I think the last picture is 'no name'. Mollie

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