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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It’s a very dry day today.  No, I don’t mean the weather.  I mean as in DRRRRYYYYYY!!!  (no Al Key Hall).  And I’m not talking about liquor stores closed, but no alcohol sales PERIOD…not in stores, not even in restaurants!!!  Domingo (Sunday) is an important day to the Latins, not only for religious reasons but it’s an important day to spend with family.  I probably mentioned before (how can I remember everything I’ve written about?) but most businesses are closed on Sundays.  So, if you’re single like me, it can be a real boring day.  Then again, it’s a great day to get tasks done around the house/office. 

Today is Sunday.  Case in point…I washed all the windows.

It’s Monday now, but due to Carnaval, pretty much everything is closed until Weds.  It’s amazing how quiet the streets are and how few cars are on them.  Visualize Christmas day about …that’s how quiet it is. 

I ventured out anyway.  Wanted to go to an open air market and buy a bunch of wooden utensils for the kitchen.  Some of the stalls were open and I got my stuff.   Walked several blocks and got very hungry, so stopped in at one of only a few cafeterias open.  Had a nice big lunch of 3 different meats, rice, cucumber salad, and soda for $3.75.   Rejuvenated, I walked thru the main park and towards my now favorite pastry and chocolate chop, donned a pair of tongs and a woven basket and started picking.  Walked another block to a good point for hailing taxi’s.  I noticed the intersection was very wet…yet it was about 75 out.  I knew what was up…and up was the only place I needed to look. 

From a balcony above the street was, clearly, a group of people armed with water supplies to douse people in the busy intersection.   I didn’t dare walk out from under the cover I was standing in.  Ohhhh wait….here comes a delicious target….a double-decker tour bus with the top deck open to the world and loaded with people.   And, it gets better, the light turned red for the bus, so they were sitting ducks.   The moment the bus stopped, all the poor people became water logged and in a flurry of water slinging.  Some on the bus came prepared and threw water balloons back.  I wanted to grab my camera and get pics for you but was afraid it would get wet. 

Once the bus left, I saw a cab coming and hailed it and knew I would have to make a mad dash across the street, vulnerable to the water thugs, to get to safe covering and into the taxi.  But, just as I was planning my escape, I apparently exposed myself which resulted in what must have been a big bucket of water on my head!!!
LOVE the skylights constructed over interior courtyards in the old buildings.  Thinking I might do this in my house, too.

Bread fresh out of the ovens in back.  You can smell it on the street.  .20 cts per.

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  1. Dano, the city looks lovely! I can see why you chose to settle there. Hope the 'kids' adapt quickly to the new found freedoms, maybe you can lose the litter box now. Please post more pictures of your house, you know how I love redecorating, I want to see it before AND after!
    We are doing fine, Don had to have back surgery and I will be bringing him home today if the doctor agrees. He was getting pinched nerves in his lower back that was affecting his walk so this should relieve it. We have a trip to Italy and Scotland planned for May so he is anxious to get on with rehab. Walking is all he is supposed to do so he is looking forward to me hauling the luggage around and doing all the heavy chores on the boat this summer. NOT!! Stay in touch kiddo. ME & Don


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