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Thursday, March 17, 2011

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At the hostal last night, I watched the sun go down and the lights come up from the rooftop deck.  Dinner was being prepared and it smelled good!!  I had a grande beer ($2) and was ready to eat…freshly made potato leek soup with toasted garlic bread, followed by meat pie and salad, topped off with a bananer split!!  Oh, and two more glasses of wine.  Total $13. 

Since I had to get up at I headed for my room at .  I was having a hard time with the key in the doorknob and wondered if I had the right room.  Yep, right room.  Pushed the key in harder but it wouldn’t unlock…neither would the key come OUT!!  Push, pull, twist that way and this way and tug some more while twisting the knob…no luck.  Back UP the 5 flights of stairs to the reception desk to ask for assist.  The guy didn’t know if he had any tools, but would go look to see if he had a pair of pliers.  I waited.  He came back.  He started serving drinks to guests.  I wondered….”Well?”.  Finally, I asked him if he found anything and he said ‘oh…no, I didn’t’.  GRRREAT.  He said he’ll come down and help me.  I went down to my room and tried all the aforementioned again, but this time with a lot more determination.  Nothing.  And by ‘nothing’ I’m referring to my accomplishments as well as those of the employees…they never showed up to ‘help’.  I was getting pissed off to say the least.  Then, I noticed the window next to the door and remembered latching it earlier, noticing that the latch was somewhat feeble.  I started working on the window, pushing both sides that go in/out hoping to loosen up the latch.  One piece of the window frame molding came off.  Progress.  I didn’t want to break anything, but I was getting to the point of not caring.  After a lot of pushing the limits of the window frames, the latch finally gave way.  Then, I had to hoist my big ass up to the window sill level and compact my frame into a shape that would fit thru a 3’ x 3’ window.  I was certain I was going to fall to the floor inside…the CONCRETE floor.  But, amazingly, I reached down and pulled and pulled on the toes of my tennis shoes until I had one foot that cleared the window frame and then the other cleared and I was able to hop down into the room.  From there, I was able to unlock/lock the room from the inside knob.  GRRRRRR!!!!

I got up at and went to the shower next to my room (private room, shared bath).  I saw all kinds of hot water heaters around the place so I was sure I would enjoy a nice hot shower.  Great water pressure…but where’s the hot water?  First, the hot water knob was on the right, not the left like we’re used to (same thing in my house…trips me up all the time).  Hot water finally came….for about 5 seconds then reverted back to luke-cold water.  I tried various combinations of off/on, slow stream/fast stream, but same thing over and over.  Finally gave up and braved the water for 20 seconds and I was done.

The van came to pick me up for the airport.  I locked the inside knob and shut the room to my door, key still stuck in it and walked away with a bit of a smirk, knowing that someone from staff would finally have to deal with how to get into the room….just like I did.  Ya think I was gonna leave the room unlocked for them?  Hell NO!!!

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