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Monday, March 14, 2011

My new (Improvised) Kitchen !!

My kitchen is definitely outdated and needs to be gutted and remodelled top to bottom.  But, that's going to be awhile.  In the meantime, since the house came with NO appliances (sellers took them) I had to be able to cook and store food, right?  So, I bought all new appliances with the remodel in mind.  Refrigerator in place, and microwave on the counter, and a $39 cheapo counter-top 'bunson' burner and I was in operation. 

But, after awhile, the bunson (sp?) burner was getting to me.  The 3 burners didn't put out much ummmmphh.  Took forever to boil water.  Then, again, I am at 8,000 feet.  And, I couldn't bake, or broil, or roast.

So, the other day, I decided to unpack my oven and cooktop and just sit them on the counters and HOOK EM UP!!

Today, I had the guy who hooked up my calefon (tankless hot water heater) come back and hook up my fridge water line for the ice maker and connect the electrical and gas lines for the oven and cooktop.  He was here for an hour and 15 minutes, and had to run out for some parts.  Total cost for his service?  $35

How do you like my new setup?  (see pics)

My new oven has a rotisserie in it!!

Doesn't the gas tank add to the elegance?  The cooktop has to be partially off the countertop due to the gas connection.
Yes, that's a dishrack.  I HATE hand washing dishes!!  My dishwasher is still in the box.  Sighhhh


  1. Dano, so when is the kitchen remodel scheduled for?

  2. I dunno. Right not things are temporarily on hold as I wait for House Hunters International to decide whether they are going to film a segment about my move and purchase.

  3. A word about cooking. I have been the cook in my family for generations and as I age, I like things simpler. Well, Breville has a countertop convection oven/broiler/toaster that I have had for three years. I cook everything in it. I use my oven under the cooktop for storage. I have roasted whole chickens, broiled fish, baked bread, cakes, cookies and of course toast. It costs about $250 and is worth every penny. I got mine at Amazon, they have two models and I got the larger one.


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