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Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Boyz (Cats) finally arrive in their new Home!!

Finally got my cats to my new house yesterday.   Since I had to stay in a hostal (hotel) for 2 weeks until my 'new' house was ready, I needed to have someone house the cats for me in the interim.  Poor guys went from (their perspective):

  • Comfort of our home in Bremerton
  • To a Jeep ride to Seattle
  • To trapped in a bedroom at Uncle Bri’s house in Seattle
  • Thrust in a kennel and bumped, dragged, examined, and rolled all over Seattle’s airport
  • Went up a moving conveyor belt into the belly of a big monster machine (airplane)
  • Heard lots of noise and all kinds of sensations in the dark (airplane taking off)
  • Got pushed up against the wall of the kennel in this big noisy dark space (airplane landing and braking)
  • Down a conveyor belt into some unknown place (Dallas)
  • Tossed around and carted all over Dallas airport and up another conveyor belt into another big machine…oh no, not again
  • More noise, and weird sensations in the dark for several more hours
  • Wash, rinse, and repeat (aka…same thing again in Miami)
  • Finally saw our Dad again in a foreign country (Quito, EC)
  • Tossed into a van and driven to God knows where
  • Stayed in a hotel room, tried to escape.  We were pissed.
  • Back in that damn van again and back to the airport (Quito)
  • All kinds of people staring at us and taking pictures.  What?  They’ve never seen cats before?    SHEESH  Still pissed off.
  • Oh GAWD….another conveyor belt….we know what happens next
  • This big machine ride (airplane) was REALLY bumpy.  Must have a lot of potholes in this country!!
  • See our Dad again as we ride another conveyor belt with a bunch of luggage.
  • Again with the STARES!!!
  • We don’t fit in a taxi (they are tiny here, so Dad orders a station wagon
  • We go to Uncle George’s.   (we didn’t even know we HAD an Uncle George!!
  • Dad abandons us at Uncle Georges for some unknown reason.  And, we have to put up with, what is supposedly our ‘cousin’, a kitten named ‘Newman’ who has WAY more energy than we care.
  • BTW….we are still VERY PISSED OFF.  We snub Dad whenever he visits us. 
  • 2 whole weeks later, Dad comes and gets us and we go to yet ANOTHER house.  He keeps saying this is our ‘new home’.  We don’t care.   We are pissed, we run away from him, we don’t know where we are, we hide wherever we can so maybe it will all go away.
  • Well, we are kinda glad to see him.  So, I guess we can maybe MAKE him pet us and MAYBE we’ll hang around close by….just close enough but far enough he can’t reach us.
  • Hmmmm….that bed Dad is in looks warm.   Wouldn’t hurt to curl up on it next to him.
  • Next morning, Dad leaves the front door wide open!!!   We can ESCAPE!!   Oddly, when we go out side, Dad doesn’t seem to care.  He would always yell at us when we did that back home!!
  • Is it okay to come out?
    Nope, I don't see a way out!!!
    What's in there?
    I'm not sure if this is a safe thing to do!!??
    I know I'm gonna get yelled at any second!!!
    Hmmm...oh well, might as well eat Dad's plants while we can!!
  • Hmmmm…nice plants.  Think we’ll snack on them.   Pretty nice yard, but we weren’t able to find any way to escape.  There’s these very high walls and we keep looking at them over and over, assessing whether we can jump that high, but determine it’s not possible.  Every time we look at Dad, he has a smirk on his face.   A couple times we thought we were in trouble whenever Dad moved, so we dashed back in the house.  But, we figured he wasn’t trying to catch us.  Something is up, and we can’t figure it out.  Oh well, might as well take advantage of Dad’s total carelessness in letting us outside.  Woohoo!!!


  1. The boyz look like they are enjoying their new home and yard!

  2. Thanx for the blog...starting from then beginning and this made me laugh :) thanks. JW


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