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Saturday, March 5, 2011

How's the Weather?

So, it's the first week of March, right?  That usually means (back home) still threats of snow, still ccccold, but at least the Daffodils have bloomed.  Summer still months away.

Not here.

It's what they call 'Eternal Spring' here.  Generally every day reaches the 70's and sometimes it'll pop into the 80's.  Per the records, the average temp is 72 degrees.  But, due to being at 8,000 ft above sea level, the air is thinner and the sun generally feels warmer than what the actual number might typically represent to you.  I'd say, if it says 72, it feels like 78.

When I lived in San Diego, it was sun, sun, and more sun.  EVERY day.  Believe it or not, it got old.  I got excited if a cloud passed through.  Here, you get a bit of everything almost every day.  Usually it starts off cloudy in the morning, then lots of sun through the afternoon with big billowy clouds passing aloft...the kind you want to take pictures of as they are so beautiful.   Then, about 6 times out of 10, we'll have rain at some point in the late afternoon.   Right now, it is 5;30PM and it is gushing outside.  Love the noise it makes hitting all the glass skylights in the house.  To go outside right now, you'd never know it was 75 earlier and there were thousands of people out in the streets downtown celebrating Carnaval (yes, I spelt it write!!). 

Back to it being March.  The other day I sort laughed at myself, as I was outside watering the lawn and flowers in my shorts and tee-shirt.  In MARCH!!!   Sorry, Chris...go ahead and send me the raspberries.  (to those not in the know...she's in Wyoming.  Nuf said).

Here's a couple pictures of my outing today.

River Tomebamba

Mass in old Church


Banana chips and typical concoction you see being sold on the streets.  Not ice cream but served and eaten like one.

The clouds I was telling you about.

Mexican restaurant in indoor courtyard.  $4.50

Skylight of indoor Mexican restaurant looking up at Church and clouds.


  1. This is a test and ONLY a Test cuz Mollie wanted to know how to leave a comment.

  2. Must be nice, was scrapping ice off of my windshield this past Monday. :P



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