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Saturday, February 26, 2011



After dumping my cats at a complete strangers house in a new country (not that they would necessarily comprehend what transpired) I settled into a different hostal (hotel) than I was at back in Nov.  This hotel (Casa Del Barranco) is in an equally old building, but on a quieter street and close to the main arterial that leads to my house.   It is perched on a bluff above one of the four rivers that run thru Cuenca.   I lucked out in that my room didn’t require a set of stairs to get to.  In fact, it is located right off the lobby, so all that heavy luggage I was hauling with me didn’t have very far to go.  Just as I arrived at the hostal, the clouds opened up and diluged us with rain, so I basically tossed my baggage from the taxi to inside the front door so we didn’t drown. 

My room is very charming at $30 per night (including taxes and breakfast).  Since I’m staying for 2 weeks, I wanted space.  The room has an upstairs loft which I thought I could use as an office but it only has extra beds.  Nonetheless, the fact that the lower floor is larger and the stairway adds to the feeling of openness.  At the top of the stairs in my room is a large skylight typical of almost every Cuencan home.  The bed is comfy, the bathroom tiny, and the wooden floors are most likely original (over 100 years old). 

Though it is very convenient being right off the lobby, I also ‘get’ to hear the front door bell every time someone comes to the entrance of the hotel.  Even though there doesn’t seem to be any real sense of crime around here, everything is built around security.  So, you must be buzzed in AND out of the hostel’s front door, no matter whether day or night.  So, I don my earplugs and off to sleep I go….BUT….not after unpacking my bags and putting everything away in drawers because, after all, I’m going to be living here for 2 weeks.

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