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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Trip


The kids kinda calmed down a bit and started warming up to me.  In the morning, all was catapulted into chaos again as I nabbed them and put them behind bars again in their kennel.  Off to the airport and onto another plane to Cuenca.  I almost missed my flight as one of my bags was selected (how honored I was) by security to be opened and examined.  However, the announcements over the PA system went by without me recognizing the pages were for me.  As the plane was boarding, the attendant notified me they were looking for me.  I was escorted back to the baggage area where security asked me to open my bag and they rummaged thru it and gave it their blessing and released me.  I was escorted directly to the door of the plane with my carry-on and made the flight. 

40 minutes later, and some fun turbulence, we landed in Cuenca and, once again, became instant celebrities with the cats and all.   A person met me at the airport, holding a sign with my name on it….well, if it weren’t for the fact he was holding it backwards (my name facing HIM) we would’ve connected right away.  That out of the way, we met up with his pre-arranged taxi driver.  Taxi’s in EC are small…think sub-compact car.  There was no way the kennel would fit in his taxi.  So, he hailed a small station wagon taxi and the kennel went in that while me and the luggage went in the other.

The cats stayed with my friend in his house while I stayed in a hostal (not hostel as in European backpacker type but,…a hotel) which couldn’t take animals…for the next 2 weeks until my house is vacated by the sellers.

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