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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Party Hearty

It’s evening time right now and I’m writing this outdoors on an elevated deck just above the river.  So, I am hearing the constant roar of the rapids as I write.  Down the street a ways is a concert in the park.  If there’s one thing you hear about Cuenca, it’s that the people love to party and they need no excuse or a holiday to suddenly start celebrating.  It’s not uncommon to hear, at least once out of a week, fireworks going off.

I’ve been here 10 days now and I’ve seen 2 parades and heard others.  Last Sunday I was sitting in on the outdoor patio of Coffee Tree having my morning coffee.  I began hearing the music of a marching band growing closer and closer.  There were probably three dozen horses with adults and kids on them, decked out in costumes and regalry followed by a small band, and inter-mixed a few trucks draped with banners, sheets, teddy bears, and what not (didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason).  They ‘parked’ next to the café in front of a church and seemingly did nothing but chat and interact with one another.   Then, after a few hours of this, they up and left marching down the street the other direction. 

Same thing happened today.   These parades that seem to happen frenquently and without notice, are not the kind where people gather along the sidewalks beforehand in anticipation of watching.  It just happens.

Like the fireworks.  You can buy them any time (not just July) and you’ll hear them go off any time, day or night.  BOOM!!!   Go figure.   This morning, they set off a boomer to indicate to the people at the head of the parade to start off.  The funny thing was, the entire stick of about 3 ft long that the explosive is attached to….goes soaring into the air and, thus, back down to the ground.   A few seconds after the BOOM, this stick goes KERPLOP on the ground!!!

Yes, they like to party here.  Next week is Carnaval and one of the most prominent aspects of that celebration here in Cuenca is WATER.   WATER being thrust at you, that is.   Either you get squirted by one of those monster squirt guns when you’re walking along a sidewalk, or even if you have your window rolled down in your car.   Get this…they even do the ol’ bucket trick from above!!!   Don’t look up, because there just might be someone up a few floors tilting a bucket of water your way!!!!  Most all of it is done in good fun and generally always taken in stride.  People have a good sense of humor here.    Try that in the US and you’ll get sued for 10 million dollars (and WIN!!) for pain, grief, suffering, and the damage done to your hairdo.  Don’t get me going on lawsuits and such…that’s another blog coming down the road.

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  1. A bag of water is one thing but when it is frozen, contains a rock or is actually urine it's a whole nother thing!

    I used to hide during Carnaval or spend it with friends at home.


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