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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Movies, Violins, and Vodka

Saturday’s are a bit quiet, but not as quiet as Sunday when nearly EVERYthing is closed (like back in the olden days when I was a kid)!!  Last Sunday since there was NOTHING going on in town, I decided to go to a movie theater at a small mall close by and see a movie in English (sub-titled in Spanish).  It was $4.50 for the movie, and $2 for a LARGE popcorn.   $6.50 for something back home would cost nearly $20 (because you have to pay to park, too).   They offered various combo’s too.  For $6 you could get a medium popcorn, a hot dog, 2 chocolate bars, and a drink. That would require a 2nd mortgage in the US.  

Oh, before I forget, I’m going to digress for a sec because I mentioned parking a few sentences ago.  There are NO parking meters ANYWHERE here.  NICE.

Most shops close at on Saturdays.  I went to open a POB but the PO was closed, so I sauntered by shops and examined the variety of motorcycles for sale.  It’s so weird here that there’s no rhyme or reason to what a store might sell.  For example, you can wander into a store and buy a motorcycle, a refrigerator, and a fifth of vodka.   Go figure.  Most of the downtown stores don’t sell motorcycles larger than 250 cc’s.  To give you a perspective, my bike in Bremerton was 1500 cc’s.  The smaller bikes are great for bopping around town, but it you want to venture outside the city it’s best to have something larger.  So, a vendor told me of a store out by the airport.  I summoned a taxi and he drove me to the well-known store.  More weirdness.   At this store, not only can you buy a motorcycle, but also a violin, a chandelier, a couch, a chainsaw, or silverware!!!

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  1. I am reading your blog with great interest. I became an ex pat in Cuenca in 1990 and survived till 2000.

    I have often wondered whether things were the same now these 13 years later.

    I actually started collecting the strange groupings of services and things that people sold.

    One of my favorites was stopping at a filthy, oil drenched mechanics and being invited to look in the back at the hand made suits being sold at the tailor's there. We had to pick our way through oily pools to get there!

    The other favorite was a combination hair salon and restaurant selling Broasterized chicken.

    While there were a lot of annoyances and grief to living in Cuenca in the 90's I still sometimes miss it and wonder about moving back permanently. The climate is a huge attraction. The inconveniences of the weekly power outages and water cut offs not so much.


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