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Thursday, August 3, 2017


One of my short-term rental apartments, that is.  Sorry, not selling off my little girl - Gracie.

Here's a link to one of the sites promoting the sale of one of the apartments I own.  This one would make a perfect short-term rental apartment (ie; for tourists visiting for more than a few days but don't want to stay in a hotel).

Or, let's say you want to land in Cuenca and be fully outfitted with living amenties without any effort.  Just add food.

Excellento location across the street from the river that separates 'old town' from 'new town'.

From a long-term rental standpoint, it could easily rent for $450 a month which is almost 10% return on a CD (based on the sales price) IFFFF you could get that!!

Let's look at that again.  In the US of A, the decimal point would be further to the left, right?  Ummm...I mean....errrrrrr....correct?}

Here's a link to the listing of my apartment (departamento) de 'amor!!!

Link to Dano's apartment for Sale



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  1. Hi Dano, I have just submitted my new gmail email address through your blog sign-up 'submit' button. Please delete my OLD my email address of: cvdh@comcast.net

    Thank you!
    Claudia van den Haak


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