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Friday, November 25, 2016

Trip to Spain - 5 days in Mallorca (Day 5)

Weather:  Yet another perfect sunny day.

What to do for my last day in Mallorca?  Rent a scooter?  I was going to, but the address of one of their locations turned out to be under refurbishment.

Go visit the caves?  Next time.

Take the train to Inca, known for its Thursday markets (this was Thurs)?  Apparently it's known for its leather market, but it turned out to be soooo much more.  I walked to the train station, purchased a RT ticket for $7, and easily found which track to go to.  Like pretty much all train systems in Europe, this one left at EXACTLY the scheduled time.  30 mins later, passing orchard after almond orchard, I arrived in Inca, a town of approximately 26,000 (but felt much more than that).  Just 50 feet from the train station, the market started and wound down narrow streets for at least 12 blocks.  THOUSANDS were there.

Aside from leather goods, the area around Inca produces high volumes of olives, almonds, and cheese.

Just a little farm house seen along the train route!

Notice the hats strung up over the market.  Dunno why.

Seen along the way on the train.

Arenques = Herring

Lots of handcrafted cheese.  It all looked so enticing but I had no clue what was what and from what.  The vendor sliced off tidbits for me to taste and I bought some for my cheesy friends back home.

Several vendors featured kids selling goods they probably baked at home.  Some of the adults were dressed the same way.  I discerned they were playing a historical role versus this is the way they dress now.

Olives, Olives, and more OLIVES!!!  I didn't know there were so many types.  Personally, I don't like them.  They take up valuable space in my Martini!!!
Olives are grown in the higher hills of Mallorca.

SCADS of Olives!!!!

The area around Inca was well-known for growing grapes for wine.  This restaurant is located in an old wine cellar.  Notice the huge casks on either side.

Do you get the feeling these people LIVE LIFE versus the other way around?

At first I thought these were fake, but they're real.  RED cactus?


...to be continued


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