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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Trip to Spain - 5 days in Mallorca (Day 4)

Weather report:  Sunny again.

A day to walk to the Cathedral and catch the hop on/hop off double-dccker bus.  So, that's what I did.  I walked down to the Cathedral (about 10 minutes) and there was a double-decker tour bus waiting for me.  $17, a map, headphones to listen to English translation, and we were off.

In Rome, Marseilles, Barcelona, and Mallorca the traffic was always light, polite, and you almost never heard a horn or a car alarm.  In fact, in my ENTIRE trip, I don't think I heard ONE car alarm and maybe (MAYBE) I heard 5 car horns.  That would take less than 30 seconds in Cuenca.

Speaking of near-non-existence, I think I saw Police 3 times in all of the 5 days in Mallorca.

Cars in Mallorca, Barcelona, and the Italian cities I visited, are 90% sub-compacts and 10% sub-sub-compacts (meaning they seat only 1 or two people).  No gas-guzzlers or giant double-cab 4 x4 Ford F250's here!!  Scooters were immensely popular because of limited parking space (you can park them almost anywhere) and you don't have to pay for parking.

Graffiti.  Very little of it in the most popular sections of each of the cities.  Somehow, aside from the lower economic neighborhoods, a lot of cities have clobbered the problem of graffiti.   Now, if they can only show Cuenca officials how they did it.

TONS of boats and yachts in the harbor.  I can only imagine the scene during summertime!

We're headed up there, to the castle on the hill.
Bellver Castle was built nearly 700 years ago BM (Before Mom).

While traversing various neighborhoods, interesting sites popped up.

View from the hill where Bellver Castle is located.  Semi reminds me of viewing San Diego harbor from Point Loma (eh, Ron?)

I like the part about $400+ dollar fine if you spray graffiti on the site.

The original moat canal (sans water)
Note the size in relation to the people on the bridge.

The entire hillside is reserved greens space with tons of hiking trails to take the pooch.

Some of the white blobs you see are yachts shrink-wrapped in plastic for the winter.

The seaside wall adjacent to the Cathedral and Royal Palace.

Massive gothic-style cathedral.  $7 Euros entrance fee.

This guy is almost 5 feet tall.

I don't think this would fit on my dining room table or yours.
It's almost 7 feet tall by 4 feet wide!!!

The dome in an adjacent room inside the Cathedral.

This is a one and 1/2 person car.  Just pull up and plug in!

...to be continued


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