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Monday, March 12, 2012

Car Update

I know you all have been sweating it out, waiting to hear the status of my car repair after being broken into on Christmas Eve and the computer (that runs the car) ripped out of it.   Well, TWO MONTHS later…I finally was reunited with my Grand Vitara.   First, Chevrolet said it would be ready Feb 15.   Well, that came and went…nada.  Then they said Feb 22.  That came and went, too.  Then they said the part would come in on Feb 25 and the car would be ready Feb 27th.   Of course, I challenged them as to why they kept coming up with dates but nothing would happen.  They shrugged.  I said ‘don’t you KNOW where the part is?’ because there should be tracking, right?   Nope.   ‘Then why are you picking dates out of seemingly thin air?’.  No explanation.   I wrote to the parts manager a couple times as well as left several phone messages of which none were responded to.  

Time to file a complaint with the Customer Service Division at the head office in Quito.   I received an automated reply confirming receipt of my email, a reference number, and text about how important customer satisfaction is to them.   Long story short….never heard back from them after that.

Next, it was a visit to the manager of the Servicing department where my car was.  Juan Carlos was super nice and accommodating and oversaw my service from that point forward.  I told him 3 of us were planning a week-long trip in the car starting Thursday, March 1st….the car needed to be done by then and tested well enough that I could feel confident I wouldn’t break down in the middle of nowhere.  Long story short, I got the car handed over to me on Wednesday, Feb 29th.

Originally, it was estimated the repairs would cost nearly $5,000.  Thank goodness, it came in less than that and Juan Carlos threw on a last minute 10% discount out of pity for me, bringing the total cost down to $3,452.   

Later that day, while my car was being inspected for insurance coverage, the horn didn’t work.  So, back to Chevrolet on the way out of town the next morning, to get the horn fixed.  No charge.

The End (Fin)



  1. Hello Dano, My name is Steve and I live with my wife and two dogs near Toledo Ohio. I read an article today in Yahoo news that told about your move to EC, I found it very interesting and thought to check out your website. I am enjoying the daily postings in your blog, keep it up. I am nearing retirement (60) and am looking around at options as the cost of contiunueing to live here is getting beyond my means. I am going to check out EC a bit more. Best, Steve

  2. Hi Dano, same as above for me, looks like a fun blog to read, thanks!

    I can confirm your story and tell you it's the same way in Mexico. My wife and I, my wife is Mexican National living in US, TRIED to live in Mexico.

    First couple months sure it's an adventure, then reality set in on me.

    Yes, we pay much more here in the U.S. but the services we receive that we take for granted, often times outweighed the lower cost of living at the risk of my having a 'frustration heart attack!'

    Everything in Mexico was willy nilly..... Even a trip to the bank, and it was HSBC so you would think service would be good.. Nope.... waiting in LONG LONG lines for the most simplistic transactions...

    Dealing with Gov. to get documents pushed through was a nightmare.. it was always, well come back tomorrow, then 'pay this much,' then they would just 'pick a date' for when one could expect thing's to be completed..only to find more Mananna's!

    Long and short of it....After just six months, I threw in the towel, and kissed the US Soil as soon as I re-entered our beloved USA!!!

    I will be following your adventure, and will smile as I read your very familiar postings!!

    All the best to you and thanks!


  3. Hello Dano, Just saw your blog and that SA is the new, best place for retirees. I hope to retire in the next few years and would love to visit your little town. Can you suggest an airport? thanks! Vicki

  4. Hi, My name is Joe. I am a retired viet nam vet living here in Cuenca.
    Could you send me contact for fellow helped you register your car. I need some help also, what does he charge. thanks, Joe qualityusanow@yahoo.com

  5. maybe e mail was confusing... e mail is
    qualityusanow@yahoo.com thanks, Joe

  6. That’s the result you get after waiting a long time for your car to get fixed? That must've been so frustrating! Well, at least they gave you a last-minute discount for the inconvenience. I hope your following visits went a lot better than that. Good luck!

    Edward Taylor @ Niguel Auto Center


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