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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Anniversary To Me!!

On February 15, 2011....one year ago....I started my new adventure in Cuenca, Ecuador after leaving the Seattle, Washington area.   Just 11 days later, I wrote my very first entry in this blog.  Boy, it went FAST!!

So, what have I done in the past year since I moved here?   What are my accomplishments?  What have I seen?  Where have I been?  What are my goals?  Ugh...let's skip that one.  Reminds me too much of the annual performance reviews in my former corporate world.  BLECH!!

My Accomplishments (in no particular order):
  • I moved here
  • I brought my kids down (Gracie, Bozo, Chip)
  • I bought a house
  • I remodeled the house
  • Obtained my residency Visa
  • Bought a car
  • Sold the car
  • Bought another car
  • Took Spanish classes
  • Visited the US for my Mom's 80th birthday
  • Wrote 83 blog entries in 2011 and 7 more thus far in 2012
    • Over 27,000 views!!!!!
Where I Have Been/Visited:
  • Loja
  • Vilcabamba
  • Biblian
  • Azogues
  • Banos (Cuenca)
  • Banos (Ecuador)
  • Giron
  • Guayaquil
  • Salinas
  • Montanita
  • Puerto Lopez
  • Gualaceo
  • Chordeleg
  • SigSig
  • Quito
  • Riobamba
  • Malacatos
  • Ambato
  • Cajas National Park
  • Paute
What I've Seen:
  • Dozens and dozens of Churches/Cathedrals
  • Dozens of waterfalls
  • Dozens of rivers
  • Mercado after Mercado after Mercado
  • Museums
  • A Doctor
  • A Dentist
  • A Dermatologist
  • A Tarantula on my patio
  • Cemeteries
  • Artesa pottery manufacturing
  • Flower market
What I've Experienced:
  • Zip (Canopy) Lines
  • Diarrhea (8 days)
  • Met dozens of people from other countries who've moved here (known as Ex-Pats)
  • Cuenca Symphony
  • Festivals
    • Carnival
    • Christmas in Cuenca
    • Corpus Christi
    • Cuenca Independence Days
  • 30+ restaurants (yes, I track them!!)
  • Bars/Discos (one inside an airplane!)
  • Entertained visitors from Seattle USA, Antigua Guatemala, and Cali Columbia
  • Been in a short film
  • Rose farm tour
  • Various spas of thermal pools, turkish steam rooms, and mud baths
Geez....I guess I should get off my ass and DO something!!  After all, I'm in ECUADOR for cripes sake!!   hehehehehe.   Putting together this list makes me wonder what the heck I'm going to do for my 2nd year!!!

So, here I am at the end where I normally insert photos.  Hmmm.   Got it.   I'll insert ones I've had sitting around not knowing where they fit, thinking someday I'll have a subject where I can use them.  Now is a good time!!


Challuabamba...an area outside Cuenca...a favorite of Expats to reside.

A LIVE  critter saundering into my kitchen from outside!!!   See the prongs on his back end?   UGH!!!
Don't know what it is, don't care, don't like it.

My baby boy (one of).  Bozo.  "Hola Grandma!!"

Gracie with her favorite toy 'Squeaker'

Chippy....the little sneak.

We're all pooped out.

A HUGE banana palm on the grounds of the Museum of Modern Art.  I can stand under the lowest leaves!

Adobe building on the grounds of the Museum of Modern Art

San Sebas cafe, located across from the Museum of Modern Art.   The owners, from the Portland area, did a great job remodeling the space and serve good food at a low price!

Looking up at the ceiling of the San Sebas Cafe.

One of my $3 lunches...at the awesome vegetarian restaurant 'Good Affinity'.

The photo I purchased from the back of a car, at waterfalls outside of Banos, Ecuador.   That's myself, Elaina, George, and Raul in the hurling basket, along with the boy and his dog that rode the zip-line next to us.


  1. Happy 1 year in Ecuador! Glad you survived the 'car thing', you didn't mention that experience in your recap, hmmmm...... :D

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  4. Enjoy your posts :) Mark here.

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  6. happy anniversary to you, hope the second one be better, :) :) :)

  7. You are right - one year and what have you accomplished?
    1 no alarm clock ringing Mon-Fri at the same time every day
    2 no shoveling off the driveway and the sidewalks
    3 no traffic jams on the way to work
    4 no insurance premiums
    5 no long lines at the grocery store
    6 no youngsters bumping into you at the park
    7 no tattoo'd, purple hair people whose pants can't stay up
    8 no smog
    9 no $15 dollar lunches (+tip)
    10 no five days' of work with two days to clean and relax
    11 more silly comments like this
    12 and, my favorite, waiting for me to arrive and steal your couch (love, love, love it - move over kids - in a year, you will need a new place to nap)

    Here is what you can do in the second year --- write more, enclose more pictures, practice your Spanish, go to more concerts, raise scorpions, keep telling us how it is for you - the ups and downs

    Congratulations on your first year - do NOT even think of leaving - you are a "must meet" when I get there!

    Thank you very much for your personal experiences.

    Charlotte NC

  8. A year already! Congrats! Love the stories and pictures you've shared. We miss you state-side, but selfishly hope you'll be there a little longer. Would love to visit but the trip will probably not be until sometime in 2013. Are you up for that?

    Chris (your sis)

  9. Thanks very much for the great blog and the personal experience. Hope to be there for first visit soon. May you have MANY great years there.

    PS love the pics

  10. I was enjoying your blog soo much; then I saw you had 2 cats. One of my big fears is that I won't be able to get food for my Tigger who is on special food; as he gets crystals....he eats Science Diet (urinary tract health). I would appreciate any info about cat food in your area. Thanks in advance for any help. Patti


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