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Friday, August 12, 2011

I have over 10,000 ____ (select the correct answer)

Choose (only one) from the following possible answers to the question "I have over 10,000 _______":
  1. cells in my body
  2. cents in my IRA account (thanks USA Gov't)
  3. bites on my body from my stay in Salinas
  4. dogs in my neighborhood that bark incessantly
  5. idiots living in the city who don't know how to use their car alarm
  6. taxi drivers in the city who obviously don't know what the lines on the streets (or highway) mean
  7. views of my blogs
  8. salty sea shells from the seashore south of Salinas
  9. dog and cat hairs stuck in my cars' upholstery
  10. shares of Bank of America stock, now worth almost nothing
....and the answer IS!!!
  1. I would be dead
  2. Pretty darn close given the recent plummeting and general downward spiral of the economy in the USA
  3. I would be dead.    No, really, I only have about 30.  ONLY!!!
  4. Dog-gone close!  But, since they're all running around in the streets and everywhere else, who can count them when they won't hold still!
  5. Again, hard to count.  But, my guess is....waaaay more.
  6. I honestly think they know what the lines mean.   You're supposed to straddle them, right?
  7. If you selected this as your answer, you done good.  Congratulations!!
  8. Nope.  They're all from NORTH of Salinas.
  9. Sorry, I just don't have time to count them all.  But, I'm bettin by the time I get back to Cuenca carrying my 3 kids in the car, I will have 20,000+ and only 4,829 will come out with the vacuum.
  10. What kind of a dumbass do you think I am?  Why would I hold stock of a company who's responsible for outsourcing thousands of USA jobs to other countries, thereby contributing to the demise of our economy???   HMMMM????
A great big THANKS to all of you who've read my postings thus far and another big THANKS for the many comments and compliments you've posted.   I'm very flattered.

Now, on to ONE MEEEEELLION!!!!



  1. Ahhh Dano another humorous post! Congrats on 10K views. I do so enjoy your funny outlook and perspective.

  2. You are a riot. Even though hubs and I are probably moving to Salinas next year and I personally like the area very much btw :D , your perspective on the Salinas and Montanita was hysterical. Tami

  3. Great post.
    Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh.


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