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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


As I mentioend before (and so the remodel begins), the painters showed up and sealed all the walls and ceilings, then painted the ceilings.  I followed along and painted the walls with the final colors.  End result, 14 colors, 25 gallons of paint, 2 weeks and it's finishedo.   Colors range from mango, pumpkin, plum, brown, gold, green, and blue to name a few.  The last few sound ugly, but they are temporary.  Each of the bathrooms really could use updating with new tile.  But, I'm going to forego that for awhile.  So, in the meantime, I painted colors to go with what tiles I have...not what I WILL have because I don't know that yet.

During the process I ripped out the closets that previously created a fake wall separating two bedrooms.  Also tore up all the carpet upstairs (downstairs is all tile).  Then, all the upstairs doors had to go as the previous owners had painted white over wood...yuk.   Since new doors come with new door frames, the frames were torn off as well.  I love ripping things to shreds.  Releases endorphins I think.  But, I don't like the big pile of mess it results in.  Thank goodness my painter wanted it all.  At the end of the day, he carted off all the carpet, piles of lumber, doors/frames, old moldings, etc etc.  No problemo!!! 

Now I have bare concrete floors upstairs, no doors, but darn pretty walls!!  It was fascinating watching the 2 painters work.  They have such a hard work ethic....they just keep going and going and going...like the Energizer Bunny.   And, when it comes to engineering ways to do something, they figure it out with what they have.  I have a very tall hard-to-get-at central skylight that I had no clue how they were going to get that far up.  But, they lugged in a steel ladder and laid it horizontally between the railings surrounding my loft, topped it off with some planks, then another ladder and voila.  It would NEVER pass OSHA rules!!!

Then there was the new wall to be constructed between the two rooms.   There's no such thing as wood framing here and gypsum (drywall) is very rare.   A few other guys showed up with a truck loaded with bricks, big bags of sand and gravel, rebar, etc etc and unloaded in my driveway.  Then, they lugged all that stuff upstairs to build the new wall!!!   Up and down, up and down, they carried big armfuls of bricks.  It was weird to see sand, gravel and OUTDOOR stuff all laying out on the floor in my bedrooms!!  How are they gonna clean all that up????  They did!!  Wall was completo in ONE week.   Cost?  $780

Well, here's some photos to give you an idea what's transpired in my house over the past 2-3 weeks.

The destruction I created

In the US, we'd be thinking 'lawsuit waiting to happen'

Ummmm....did you say you DON'T have insurance???

All this is going upstairs??? 

What used to be two rooms is now one big one

Julio chipping out concrete from the existing wall, in which to embed the new wall.

What a mess.  I don't wanna look.

And the wall starts going up.  Nice and straight, too.

Not a stick of wood in it.

Now mortar is applied and smoothed out to make the finished wall.  I don';t know how they prevent it from falling off or sagging.  But, they know their craft, that's for sure.

Finished product left to dry for a few days, then paint.  I had them etch out a little niche in the wall in both rooms.   What was 2 rooms, became 1 big room, now back to 2.  And, each room is a foot larger due to the new wall being narrower than the old closets.

A shot from downstairs looking up the stairwell into the central skylight, fresh with new paint and tapestries from a local artist.  Skylight is mango and white, and the lower wall is a light pea-soup green. (not the best color name, I know)

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