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Monday, April 4, 2011

And so the Remodel Begins

Previous to today, I worked on replacing all the plug-in outlets and light switches. The cover plates were gawd awful and most had paint slathered on them.   Unfortunately, the house is lacking when it comes to lighting.  Ecuadorians don't relish lighting like we do in the USA. Where we might have a half dozen canned lights installed, they install ONE and you're lucky it's a canned light fixture and not simply a bulb hanging on a wire which is usually the case.

So, in the cases where I DO have canned fixtures, they were discolored and ugly, so every one of them got replaced.   I also got rid of several gaggy fixtures of polished brass with flower-like shades.  UGH!!  All said and done, I replaced 32 plug-ins, 24 light switches, and over a dozen canned light fixtures. 

Today, the painters showed up to start the process of painting the entire interior of the house.  Because EC houses are generally built out of brick and concrete, there is no drywall...it is CONCRETE which makes it real fun to hang pictures, etc.  Because the walls are concrete, they are porous and need to be sealed.  If you don't, you will get variations of color depending on the porosity of any given spot.  It appears the previous owners didn't have the walls or ceiling sealed.  So, I hired the painters to seal the ceilings and paint them as well as seal all the walls, but I will paint the walls myself. 

While they worked, I painted all the black iron grids on the windows.  In the office, I actually removed the grid and painted it while it lay on the concrete floor (I had removed the old yukky carpet).  Them iron grids are HEAVY!!!

Next, I took out all my agression by ripping out the closets that were built to also double as a wall between two bedrooms.  I will be having a concrete wall constructed in place of them.

Also got most of the fireplace painted.

I'm tired.  Margarita sounds good right about now.

See pics.

Old light switch plate

Old plug-in which worked for American as well as European plugs

Fireplace - Before

Fireplace - After (semi)

What the heck, it's a concrete floor...who cares if I get paint on it?

Maids Room - Before (typical Ecuadorian lighting)

Maids Room - After

Outdoor Lighting - Before (again with the typical lack of fixtures!!)

Outdoor Lighting - After (MUCH better don'tcha thin?)

Ripping out the room divider closets

See-thru Bedrooms
And while I'm busting my butt, they could care less!  HMMPH!!


  1. Y0u have been busy!

  2. Just today i read your blog.It was fun to read and i will follow it.Think your writing style is great.Your a born writer.Lucky it turned out well for your dog.Hope you will find Cuenca great and start enjoying it.Wish you all the best.Jos

  3. Hi my wife and I have been reading your blog and thoroughly enjoy it.

    We are currently living in Greece and this post made us laugh - I could send you the exact same photos from Greek construction!

    Keep up the writing - we are planning to check out Cuenca later this year with a view to moving there - it's great to get your insights (plus I think we share a similar sense of humor).

    All the best
    Olaf & Judy


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