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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quito to Miami

The flight to Miami was pretty uneventful.  I was at the Quito airport earlier than needed to be.  By the time I went thru the ticket counter (first class line) and security, I had easily an hour or more before departure.   So, I sat bored for an hour. 

First class travelers are the first allowed to board, then coach.  Coach had long been boarding and I noticed there were a few first class seats still open.  Either they’re late, or just unsold.  The one next to me was still vacant. 

Just before pushback, a senior-ish lady came from the back and took the seat next to me.  I thought ‘hmmmm’ and wondered if she was a coach passenger snatching a first class seat.  After all, why was she in the back beforehand?  I didn’t say anything.   Maybe she was invited up front.  Still suspicious, I noticed she didn’t seem all that savvy about the seat mechanisms or other first class things happening around her.  I didn’t say anything.  Usually, in first class, the FA will address you by name.  For example, ‘Good Morning Mr Smith, would you like an omelet or poison for breakfast?’.  I thought, good, she’ll be caught then as the FA won’t have any name for her seat.  Breakfast was served (omelets, juice, croissant, and fruit plate).  No names, she was served.  She seemed tickled.

Awhile after breakfast was done and taken away, the flight attendant approached her and asked her something (I couldn’t hear).  She started digging around in her purse while the FA waited.  I thought AH HA…she’s gonna get caught!   The lady couldn’t find what she was looking for (I presumed her boarding pass which shows her seat assignment) and the FA decided to not wait any longer.  A few seconds later, the lady found her seat assignment ticket in her passport and showed it to me and asked me in Spanish if this was her correct seat.  I said ‘no’, 14E is back there (pointing to the rear)…this is TWO E!!!!

I mean c’mon…what kind of idiot do you take me for (I was thinking, but not saying).  Lady, you were back there and know damn well where your seat is but snuck up here and snatched an empty first class seat and have been enjoying first class service even though you paid coach!!!  And 2E is nowhere NEAR close to 14E.  But, I didn’t say that.

Not wanting to let this go (no big surprise there, huh?) I got up to go to the bathroom about 10 minutes later.  When I came out I brought the subject up to the FA.  She said she THOUGHT she had an extra passenger because her meal count didn’t add up.  Another FA kept telling her that but she kept telling him, ‘no, no, it’s right’.  Then she checked her manifest which shows who is sitting where and there’s no name in the seat next to me.  That’s when she decided to approach the lady.

Anyhoo, long story not as long…the FA decided not to make her move back.  After all, the serving was done and what’s the point?  What’s the POINT?   I think this lady knows exactly what she did and she’s getting away with it and probably has done it before and/or will do it again.  If you don’t DO something about it, it will continue.  Sighhh.

Oh look…here comes the FA serving WARM NUTS and more drinks!!  Wonder if she’ll simply skip over the lady.  Nope…continues to give her first class service.

What a rip.

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